More sightings of Strange Lights in Blue Springs Missouri

If it is not a star, a planet or a plane then what is that strange light in the evening sky? That is what residents of Blue Springs, Missouri are asking.

For the last couple weeks a strange light that flickers between the colors of red, green and blues has been witnessed in the evening sky over western Missouri.

Margie Kay of the Missouri U.F.O network has claimed she has witnessed two lights.

“I see red and green in this one. And in the one behind me I see red, green and blue. I do not believe it’s a planet at this point. I never know what it is,” mentioned Kay.

One resident says she saw the light drop in the sky but doesn’t know how a lot of feet. She goes on to say it has stayed stationary since then.

Since no one can at present clarify the mysterious light, it is currently being referred to as a U.F.O.