Military-Style Controlled Remote Viewing Team Confirms Apollo 15 Moon Object is Ancient Outpost


TRANSCEPTION INCORPORATED, the Technology Transfer company that employs military-grade Controlled Remote Viewers to transfer technology from the state of nature, has begun posting videos of its CRVers describing the location of an object resting on the backside of the Moon, as imaged by the crew of Apollo 15 in late July of 1971. The project involved four military-grade CRVers and one trainee who were all tasked under blind conditions to describe the most important aspects of the target site, using the infamous panoramic photo, AS15-P-9625, as the sole feedback photo, which was not shown to the viewers anytime before or during their respective sessions.

A copy of the image used for tasking can be downloaded from the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s website at this address:

Preliminary analysis of the all the sessions suggest that the site is an ancient mining outpost, now [mostly] abandoned. The primary material mined is essential for various quantum technologies being employed by the beings that once inhabited the outpost, namely teleportation, communication, and biological/genetic transmutation. A prominent feature of the site is a manufactured object described by the viewers as “pipe-like”, “tubular”, “culvert-like”, and “cavern-like” where various of the mined materials are processed.

A brief summary of the site by CRV “BRAVO” reads as follows:

“The target site seems to be highly scientific with need for secrecy and site seems highly guarded due to the nature of the project and the need for caution for safety of all. There seems to be highly intelligent and brilliant advisers to this project. The end product is very important to the masses and much sought-after.”

To view the actual Controlled Remote Viewing session, visit and click on the corresponding large “slider” that shows the AS15-P-9625 object captured in the center of the image. For direct access to the video portfolio, click on this link:

It is very important to note that all the CRVers were tasked (under blind conditions) to describe the actual Apollo 15 target site allegedly imaged by the crew of Apollo 15—not the feedback photo itself—regardless of whether the photo had been altered and regardless of whether someone had posted altered videos on of a supposed secret Apollo 20 mission to the Moon in 1976.

Accordingly, it should be understood that the purpose of the project tasking was to determine if there in fact was anything artificial at that site and expressly NOT to determine the validity of the official AS15-P-9625 photo or any alleged “Apollo 20” video posted on YouTube.  Based on subject CRV sessions, one can only conclude that there actually is “something” artificial, long and tubular resting on the surface at that location and that it is ancient.

The videos of the CRV sessions posted incorporate a few clips from the alleged Apollo 20 mission for the purposes of illustration only, more like a “what if”, and expressly not to offer a proof of anything.

For a nice fifteen-minute capsule of the alleged Apollo 20 story, watch this clip:

For those unfamiliar with Controlled Remote Viewing, in response to the discovery of the Soviet psychic spy program during the Cold War, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) established and maintained for twenty years a secret program that trained and employed military officer and enlisted personnel in Controlled Remote Viewing (a type of trainable remote perception and martial art) to obtain information about people, places, objects, events, etc., because there was no other means for obtaining the information sought. The DIA’s program was known as “Project Stargate”. As with standard CRV protocols, all CRVers remain completely blind to the target at all times prior and during the 1-1.5 hours-long session. Only after the session is completed is the viewer ever shown a feedback photo of the target just described, if at all.


Based in Austin, Texas, TRANSCEPTION INCORPORATED (, is an R&D and technology transfer company specializing in the exploitation of Controlled Remote Viewing and other methods to lawfully transfer “foreign” technology from the state of nature as a means for discovering, appropriating, adapting, licensing, and enforcing its intellectual property (IP) portfolio of patents and copyrights. TRANSCEPTION’s principle R&D focus for the moment is re-tooling perfecting CRV for “foreign” technology transfer applications.

“These early Lyrians in their numerous migrations in their great Space Arks went to many other star systems and found suitable habitations, and put down colonies, such of which flourished and eventually launched their own space travelers.”

—Semjasi of the Pleiadian expeditionary team to Eduard “Billy” Meier, Jan. 28, 1975.