Military Set To Evacuate Coasts?

Coming in from the southern hemisphere like a sneak attack but to be seen by many others. The dates are right except for a big detail it goes past again in the September, first encounter is August and then again another hit in September, this is what I have from my sources. Finally somebody besides me warning about this, it takes some of the pressure off with some other verification and others noticing. Thanks.

Nibiru…..or Planet X eventfor the past few years. Seems there is (now) a “date certain”. I’ve been watching the .gov earthquake maps for several years. What I’ve noticed is that while the amount of quakes in the geographic U.S. has remained relatively constant (under 1,000), the magnitude of quakes in the North America Region has increased.

Earthquakes with +1 to 2.4magnitude, with +2.5 magnitude and greater.

I read another notice (besides the one below) of this event who said the “object” NASA saw is a planet some call Nibiru…..or Planet X. This article said this planet is going to pass very close to the earth. Close enough for the gravitational pull to cause the earth to tilt on its axis. It said when the earth tilts, one of the results will be the oceans coming inland at least 50 miles (both coasts), which also means that the ocean will be going North up the mighty Mississippi and will cause that river to spread ocean water the same 50 miles to the east & west of the river’s current location! A map they showed in the other article showed THE ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA UNDERWATER!

The other article also said the coastal military bases ordered military DEPENDENTS to come on base to a “meeting” where they had to sign a “non-disclosure” document before entering. At this meeting, there were told to keep their gas tanks full and to prepare a “bug-out” bag and to take with them any important papers, photos, changes of clothes as they may not be able to return! They were told that the military would give them as much notice as they could; that it might be a week, or a couple of days, or maybe only 30 minutes. They were told not to talk about it as it might cause to much of a public panic.

Oh well….We all gotta go sometime, right? And, you can’t do a thing about this (except maybe pray & when has that ever worked). Now, keep in mind that this is NOT from me, your favorite conspiracy theorist! Of course, if I lived on a coast, I think I’d consider visiting someone inland for a month or two…..Good luck…..Susie