Monsanto’s Top Corporate Secrets Exposed

Click Here to View This Amazing Animated Diagram, Which will explain a lot:

By Kelly Dericks (

I have been sitting on this information for several weeks now. Un-sure of how to present it to thousands of people, I have spent many hours becoming familiar with the project. It is an amazing piece of work that I have been navigating like a video game of sorts. I am offering this to all of you now so that everyone has an idea of what is going on in our World, Nation, States, Cities, and Towns behind closed doors.

I have started everyone with Monsanto’s Map. Each line draws a connection to another company. Each chair is yet another connection. Everything is “clickable” as well as allowing you to move the screen…Yes that’s correct, tap your mouse of the screen and drag it left right down up, and you will see the map expand.

After you become familiar with the idea of what you are navigating, Take your attention to the left hand side of the page. There you will find a world of links that you can learn to use individually. As an example, If you click on “companies” Box A and Box B will appear. You can then scroll on a list of companies to choose to see if they are connected to each other.

Please be patient when the program loads, after you watch the introduction, you will without a doubt know what you are seeing in front of your own eyes. Enjoy.

I encourage everyone to SHARE… PLEASE share the entire post and not just the map link. I worked very hard on this post so that everyone understood what they were looking at “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)