Mitla…Temple of the Devil and backdoor to Hell

Here is some information by Kantzveldt about the Meso-American site of Zapotec/Mixtec Mitla, which was understood by the first Spanish explorers as the very Temple of the Devil:

Of course it should be pointed out that this was a Christian interpretation, the zapotec themselves understood Lord Bezelao as ruler of the Underworld and Mitla.

In my studies regarding the tradition of portals it has been apparant that these were seen in terms of connectivity between the Underworld, terrestial plane, and the upperworld, here we need only concern ourselves with the entrance into the Underworld from the terrestial realm.

The architecture of Mitla is considered unique for that culture, and indeed Meso-America as a whole:

The zapotec themselves considered that those who built the first Temples lived before the first sunrise:

A most striking aspect of the architecture are the patterns created, without usage of mortar, in brickwork, known as ‘grecas.

Close ups:

The architectural motifs then will be concerning themselves with entrance into the underworld through various stages of progression, all deceased were considered to travel to Mitla after death, also from there they could obtain temporary release:

It’s considered the Mixtecs depict in their ancient codices a disc shape to symbolize a portal to the underworld set in the center of a ballcourt.

The relationship of the ballcourt was recently considered in terms of a newly found zapotec tomb, whilst aspects of the iconography do seemingly suggest the ballcourt, it’s important to recognise that the iconography also is very much concerned with the portals into the underworld, and the stages of transition through these, as in the same context, of tombs this was also seen employed:

Passageway deep into underground realms were recorded by early European visitors, and subsequently sealed off:

The subterranean world was described in terms of a confusing labyrinth , which would correspond with what i suggested could be the interpretation for the ever more confused geometric patterns, the deeper one gets.