Movie theater swaps seats for double beds

If you prefer watching the latest blockbuster release while propped up on pillows in the comfort of your bed, your time has come. A movie theater in Switzerland just opened what they’re calling a “VIP” cinema experience with double beds instead of seats. 

Cinema Pathé movie theatre, in Spreitenbach, Switzerland offers 11 freshly made beds in their all new “VIP bedroom” cinema.

The theater offers a “special VIP check-in” that admits guests into an “exclusive foyer” with its very own wine and champagne bar which leads to three viewing experiences: an IMAX VIP box, a lounge cinema with stylish sofas and the pièce de résistance, their iconic cinema bedroom.

Each bed has an adjustable headrest and a side table so you can enjoy a glass of champagne while watching your favorite flick. 

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