Mueller Witness Allegedly Possessed Vile Videos Of Children As Young As Three In Acts With Goats

A Lebanese-American adviser to the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, George Aref Nader, was charged with possessing shocking and abhorrent videos showing children between the ages of three and 13 in sexual acts with goats.

The videos were allegedly found after Nader’s three iPhones were seized to look for information about his political activities as part of the Robert Mueller probe.

Twelve vile videos are detailed in an FBI affidavit recently unsealed. One video is described as:

The video centers on a boy approximately thirteen (13) to fourteen (14) years old seated on a wood plank floor naked from the waist down. A goat is lying before him with all four legs tied. The boy appears to penetrate the goat from behind with his penis. The goat reacts and makes noise each time the boy thrusts.

In another, a toddler’s penis is allegedly presented to baby goats that apparently mistake it for an udder:

The video centers on a boy approximately three (3) to four (4) years old in a farmyard naked from the waist down. Baby goats surround him. The boy looks at the camera before moving a few steps away. The baby goats follow. A hand from off screen reaches into frame and lifts the boy’s shirt. The baby goats move in and suck on his penis.

In another, a pantsless three-to-four-year-old is placed in a chicken coop with a bucket over his head while a chicken pecks on his penis. In yet another, pliers are taken to a three-year-old boy’s genitals. In one video, a three-year-old boy has a vibrating stuffed animal on his penis and cries when it is taken away, with the video edited to emphasize the crying, according to the affidavit.

Another sickening tape is described:

The video centers on a boy approximately three (3) to four (4) years old seated on a couch sharing a meal on a low table with older people. The boy reaches for something
from the table and is quickly pushed onto his back on the couch. The crotch of the boy’s pants splits open revealing his penis. The child begins to cry and urinates all over the food on the table. The older people react. The video changes to black and white and proceeds in slow motion with singing in a language other than English.

In another:

The video starts with two adult females and then cuts to a prepubescent boy, approximately 7 years old, who is wearing a thawb (an ankle-length Arab garment, usually with long sleeves, similar to a robe, kaftan, or tunic). The boy lifts up the thawb exposing his penis. The boy then grabs his penis and shakes it. The boy is laughing as he does this and then drops the thawb over his privates. The video then cuts to an older male. The video has Arabic conversation from the adult females, child, and adult male.

The FBI affidavit is dated April 2018, but Nader was not arrested until Monday, after which the indictment and affidavit were unsealed.

The phones allegedly containing the videos were seized when Nader flew into Dulles airport in January 2018, 18 years after federal agents at the same airport seized child porn from him leading to a 1991 conviction.

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