Man Wanted In Denver Murder Case Appears In Argentinian 9/11 Documentary

kurt-sonnenfeldDenver’s district attorney says he will not give up trying to bring a former photographer for FEMA to justice. This New Year’s Eve will mark 11 years years since Kurt Sonnenfeld was arrested after his wife Nancy was shot to death in their Denver home near Colfax and Clayton.

Sonnenfeld was charged with her murder, but he claimed it was a suicide and that he was being framed by the government. He wound up fleeing to Argentina, where his claims about a conspiracy surrounding the events of 9/11 have started to gain traction.

Sonnenfeld can be seen on YouTube in an Argentinian documentary about his experience at Ground Zero in New York City, where he worked with FEMA documenting the destruction from the 9/11 attacks. He says during that time he came to the conclusion that World Trade Center Building 7′s collapse after the fall of the twin towers was suspicious.

“It was not hit by any airplane. It did not have any significant structural damage from when the other towers fell,” he says in the documentary.

Sonnenfeld also claims the U.S. government wants pictures he has held onto because of what they might show, and that for that reason he was framed for murder.

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