The Mysterious S Symbol That Almost Everyone Knows

The “Universal S“, also called “Stüssy S“, “Super S“, “Cool S“, “Pointy S“, “Graffiti S“, and lots of different names, is a graffiti signature of in style tradition that’s usually doodled on kids’s notebooks or graffiti’d on partitions. The mysterious “S” has appeared all through all of North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia. Some individuals suppose it’s a 90’s factor, however there are huge quantities of documented reviews of seeing this mysterious S image many a few years earlier than the 90’s as you can see out beneath:

The mysterious S consists of 14 line segments, forming a stylized, pointed S-shape. It has additionally been in comparison with the infinity image. The “tails” (pointy ends) of the S seem to hyperlink beneath in order that it loops round on itself in the identical approach because the infinity image does. The “S” has no reflection symmetry, however has 2-fold rotational symmetry and tessellates with squares. A standard approach to attract the form begins with two units of three parallel, vertical traces, one above the opposite.

The origin of the “S” is unclear, however dates again to at the least 1533 as depicted within the portray “The Ambassadors” by Hans Holbein the Younger (middle of the tablecloth in a cropped picture beneath).

A drawing of the “S” has been discovered on a portray titled “Olive Oil” from 1982, labelled “Classic S of Graff”, : (higher left nook in image beneath)

and a ebook titled “Mechanical Graphics” revealed in 1890 by professor Frederick Wilson of Princeton University incorporates an “S” that’s comparable in look to the “S”. (could not discover a picture from this ebook)

The identify “Superman S” comes from a perception that it was an emblem for Superman, whose costume contains a stylized “S” in a diamond form, however that form is kind of totally different. Although incessantly known as the “Stüssy S”, Emmy Coats (who has labored alongside Shawn Stussy since 1985) has said that it was by no means an emblem of the Californian surf firm.

Paul Cobley, Professor in Language and Media at Middlesex University in London, England, provides one other rationalization: “That is, it’s fun to draw.” But that simply a disassemble argument once they don’t need you to seek out out the true historical past about one thing..

But what are the possibilities that this “S” traveled all throughout the globe, throughout a number of generations with not a single frequent language with out anybody understanding the place it got here from? What we do know that this image is far older.. Way older than the 90s.. Many websites wont even point out the previous work/books I included and I’m certain there may be extra that we missed or haven’t discovered but..