NASA’s Unexplained Files

Countless mysterious objects have been caught by NASA’s cameras. Many astronauts have even reported seeing unidentified flying objects. In this special, we’ll reveal NASA’s top ten unexplained encounters using original footage and groundbreaking interviews with astronauts and scientists. Can these phenomena be explained away through science and detective work? Or have NASA’s cameras potentially captured the first traces of extraterrestrial life?

NASA’s Unexplained Files will feature in-depth commentary and interviews with top scientists and astronauts including Story Musgrave, Astronaut; Dr. Jack Kasher, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and ET researcher; Jim Oberg, space flight operations specialist; Alan Bean, the fourth man to visit the moon; Franklin Chang Diaz, Astronaut; Bruce Maccabee, Optical analyst and former Navy member; and Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, who walked on the moon.