New Mexico Trying to Seize Parts of Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch

New Mexico’s attorney general wants officials to revoke a deal that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to lease state land for his Zorro Ranch where he allegedly sexually abused multiple women.

The leased land near Stanley comprises part of the dead pedophile’s nearly 10,000-acre estate.

On Thursday, AG Hector Balderas asked the state to retake the 1,244 acres of grassland after a probe by his office found that it was improperly leased in the late 1990s.

“The original leases to Epstein appear to have no beneficial use justification to the state,” Balderas said in an emailed statement. “This sweetheart deal must be canceled and reassigned to a New Mexico ranching family.”

Leases were signed by Epstein’s holding company Cypress Inc. in 1997 and 1999 and indicated the property would be used for grazing, according to the New Mexico State Land Office.

But the AG’s investigation found no cattle on the land.

Balderas said the leases “appear to simply have been taken by him (Epstein) to increase privacy and the land mass surrounding his estate.”

Zorro Ranch is the sprawling site where Epstein planned to artificially inseminate women. He purchased the ranch from the family of former Gov. Bruce King, who died 10 years ago. The property features an airplane hangar, landing strip and other luxe amenities.

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