Nothing New About the New World Ogres

By Zen Gardner

Let’s call this globalist bunch of evil parasitic miscreants what they are. Wherever they originate and whatever controls them, it’s the same old disgusting inhuman scum doing the same old thing.

And telling humanity it’s for their good.

“Now everyone, into the slaughterhouse, and let’s keep the noise down.”

New World Nuthin’

This NWO they’re marketing as some kind of flashy new “big idea” is just another throwback to the gory, glory days of the total tyrannical empires of the dark overlords of yore. They’ve been running this con for millennia under their self-ordained authority as supposedly deriving from sacrosanct bloodlines, presupposed aristocratic heritage rights, contrived financial and military advantage, or more recently under the cleverly crafted eugenicist cry of  “survival of the fittest”.

It’s nothing new, it’s nothing so-called “advanced”, nor by any stretch is it something “progressive”.

It’s already in place and just as dark, controlling and sinister today as it ever was. And their planned final phase and full “revelation” of what these termites have been up to is just around the corner.

The Sirens of Lies

Grandiose promises intoxicate. And stun. While the throngs freeze in their dazed state of induced dependent hopefulness, the controllers execute their plan. World politics bears me out.

True history shows that as each new generation awakens, this scum class of self-appointed, would-be rulers is constantly engineering old and new ways to try to put conscious humanity’s lights out as fast as they can and attempt to steer the throngs back into their energy sucking dungeons of ignorance and control.

Masquerading as progress, every new globalist regime does the exact same thing. Control and harvest. While true, righteous humanity is aspiring towards enlightenment, love, creativity and greater cooperation for the good of all, to the absolute contrary these regimes are regressive, entirely destructive, and insidiously opposed to creative life.

This in-your-face affront has to be seen for what it is.

While these “elites” give off this pseudo intellectual techno-scientific sheen, it’s just the same old wanna-be tyrants trying to corral bigger and bigger herds with fancier and more fiendish control mechanisms.

Don’t fall for it, don’t be awed or impressed by it, and most of all don’t fear it.

See it for what it is. It’s medieval-esque madness by a mob of megalomaniacal monstrosities that are no more than disgusting parasites sucking on the living cosmos.

The Feudal Mindset Is Anything But Enlightened

There’s nothing helpful or enlightened about centralized control. Look at feudal societies. Were they good for mankind? Who actually benefits? The so-called nobles, money lenders, merchants and same old elite class. Who suffers and fights their staged wars?

As yesterday, so today.

Look at Babylon, Egypt, Rome, et al. Power centers harnessing the populace to the ends of the few. And each empire eventually collapsed from the weight of its own grotesque, metastasized system of greed and cruelty.

It’s the same today as it always was.

The “horrendous injustices” of the past just appear to be more obviously wrong in a safely distanced historical context. We’re experiencing the same oligarchical control now…it’s just too close to our noses. Besides that, we’re told it’s not there. And the people believe them.

Look down through the ages. One empire after the other, always the same top heavy oppressive structure. There were times of so-called enlightenment, but these were soon channeled into another world system with yet another new face of total control.

But always the same black heart.

Henry “The Gofer” Kissinger – Warmongering globalist front man and enemy of humanity. See any resemblance?

Galactic Ogres in Human Form?

Maybe not that far fetched after all.

Theories abound how this invading parasitic influence arrived on earth and in what form. Is it just human nature’s worst side coming forward? Or is it humanity letting trans-dimensional or satanic forces work through them? Have literal alien species invaded and taken furtive control of the planet beginning long ago? Are those same forces struggling between themselves for control while we pay the price, and easily seduced humans play varying roles in their scam for personal power and plenty?

Does it even matter?

It might be good to know, but we’re in a war of the worlds any way you look at it and people need to realize that. There is an enemy of mankind and it’s those posing as our “leaders”.

Sorry, they are rulers, overlords, following the age old pattern of breaking down society into a moldable, containable resource with no ability to resist the whims of its oppressors.

A Predatory Race in an Imposed Reality

If it seems unreal that’s because it is in some respects. It isn’t founded in true conscious reality, it’s an imposed reality by virtually an invader race of lower vibrational origins. That’s about the only way to understand this epic battle mankind has been set in for the past millennia. We’re under assault by malevolent forces, whatever their origin, and we need to fully snap out of the mindset we’ve been programmed with.

What we’ve been told to assume is “just the way it is” is one big lie. And you can apply that virtually across the board. Until we wake up to this, how we choose to overcome all this will be on their terms.

We must know what is illusion and our actions will be the most effective.

Hence consciousness. That’s our goal. The rest will follow.

Love, Zen