Netanyahu, the desperate despot

By Press-TV

Eleven years ago, 1/8th of Lower Manhattan was vaporized in what is officially, based on demonstrable effects, the largest man-made “event” in history. Kevin Barrett, in an article for Press TV’s “Viewpoint,” made the case for Israeli involvement.

Barrett’s observation is of the behavior of Israel’s mercurial and increasingly unstable Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, whose obsession with a third consecutive disastrous war in the Middle East, to be fought by Americans, mind you, is inexplicable.

Netanyahu sees the writing on the wall, that 9/11 is going to be dumped on his doorstep after the election.

The “Danse Macabre” so many have engaged in, the mythical tale of imaginary hijackers, vast underground military bases in Afghanistan, perhaps built by aliens, the ones that mysteriously vanished along with Iraq’s vast “weapons of mass destruction” program, was only plausible for just so long.

The reality of today is clear. The White House and Pentagon are unwilling to submit to Netanyahu’s increasingly delusional ramblings.

On November 8, 2011, Ynet News, the Israeli news agency, reported an “open mic” discussion between French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and President Barack Obama following a G 20 session:

Ynet News said that the leaders had retired to a private room after speaking to reporters at a G20 meeting last Thursday when the conversation turned to Netanyahu.

“I cannot stand him,” Sarkozy hissed to Obama.

“He’s a liar.”

Obama quickly chimed in with his own Bibi blast: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day.”

Netanyahu has gotten the message, “uninvited” to the White House, “dressed down” by General Martin Dempsey and US Ambassador Don Siegel. Only the press, a backing that is dwindling every day and an equally dwindling number of American legislators continue to parrot Israel’s agenda.

The premises are actually quite amazing. Israel, which has been subjected to 116 majority UN votes demanding sanctions for war crimes, is given the right to decide which nations can have, not just nuclear weapons but medical isotopes or nuclear power.

Last week, Iran notified the IAEA that they would be held responsible if false information spread by them brought about an attack on Iran.
This statement, unlike so many others, is strongly rooted in a very real conspiracy.

In an interview with Clinton Bastin, US Marine Corps World War II veteran and former nuclear weapons designer for the US Department of Energy for 40 years and lead consultant to the IAEA, the following was revealed about IAEA sources for purposefully inaccurate information:

Bastin: “The DOE also lost ability to accurately assess nuclear weapon threats. Scientists in non-government institutes and others who do not understand basic concepts of nor the technology to produce nuclear weapons provide information to the news media about nuclear weapons.

David Albright, a physicist, former colleague, president of the non-government Institute for Science and International Security in Washington and a former consultant for IAEA inspectors, is recognized by the US news media as an expert on nuclear weapons but is not.

I called David several months ago to correct inaccurate information attributed to him by New York Times reporter William J. Broad. I also mentioned that Pakistan probably did not have many nuclear weapons because gun-type weapons require about 100 pounds of highly enriched uranium.

David said that he had seen drawings of Pakistan’s weapons and they had solid cores but were implosion, not gun-type. With that statement, I realized that David did not understand basic concepts of nuclear weapons.”

(Clinton Bastin: (Chemical Engineer/Nuclear Scientist, US Department of Energy – Retired) directed US programs for safe and successful production of nuclear materials and weapons and development of gas centrifuge technology and the successful US nonproliferation initiative with India. He advised US national security agencies on proliferation threats in other nations and was a lead consultant to the IAEA for its study of Regional Nuclear Fuel Cycle Centers.)

Bastin further states that Netanyahu has been thoroughly briefed on these facts but chooses to ignore them in his call to attack Iran.

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