NFL Turned Out The Lights For More Advertisements..

628x471Posted By Redwormcharlie on Reddit

1 – They say power from outside caused an entire outage to the stadium yet when the power did go, half the stadium went first. If it was an outside power source the whole stadium would have dropped and emergency power would have come one. Power went out, THEN emergency lights came on about 1 minute afterwards. An electrician friend of mine pointed that factor out.

2 – Que the advertisers online having instant Ads ready at 7:45 Pm at night. Who is working at Oreo that late on a Sunday? Fresh unseen Ads played during commercials while playing catch up.

3 – Shannon Sharp’s comments had him slipping on his own words when he said “they turned out the power” because he wasn’t smart enough to keep his trap shut, he will also be replaced by Hines Ward next year due to this flap. That’s a whole other conspiracy theory.

4 – The game was nearly 30 minutes ahead of schedule by third quarter. It was on pace to be one of the fastest NFL super bowls ever played. [Someone put it on the wiki today as the longest game ever.]

5 – It’s the Super Bowl, BILLIONS of dollars at stake, and they have a “unknown” power outage in which they still refuse to identify. You would think with so much money on the line, 40+ million people gathered around watching, that the NFL would have triple and quadruple redundant power sources for their venue.

6 – You would also think they would know the EXACT source of the problem, because it’s electricity, power outages are not that hard to identify.