The Nuclear & Economic Melt-Down!!!

We need to prepare for the upcoming Nuclear and Global Economic Melt Down which is in the process as we speak. The reactors at Fukushima have been emitting radiation since the 11th of March. The U.S Government claims that there is no radiation fall-out over the United States at all yet but I highly doubt that! They also claim that Japan is making the situation less toxic than it really is. So what is the real damage? The truth of the matter is that it’s going to make the dollar much less valuable, food prices, imports, cars, and other things will skyrocket to insane prices triggering mass starvation’s, (depopulation) total wipe-out of the poverty class and it’s possible even the middle class depending if there is food shortages or costly price tag.

That would only result in restaurants to go out of business due to not enough food at the supermarkets as it is. Gas prices will increase by 60% and so will everything else that you buy in the store. You will be dishing out more money but your paycheck will never go up.. So whats the problem with this picture? We are going to really have a depression in the next couple months, Everything is going to go under very soon.. We need to prepare fast! There is already low supply’s of potassium iodine which protects your thyroid gland from the cancer causing radiation. (The U.S Military already has been issuing soldiers this potassium since the day after it happened) Also the Department of Homeland Security has put in a order for over two million food packages before this Japan disaster happened well was it planned? HAARP? Some Japan residents have posted videos showing weird activity from the clouds that day indicating that some type of high powered electrical force was present.

Bill Cooper once said “If something seems to crazy to believe it’s because it was planned to be that way.” Only because it’s a predefined path to destruction, You must create the most fear and panic within a society it will be forever loyal and blinded to feel “safe and secure.” Example: The new Airport Body Scanners= Completely useless, Cost A Lot of Money and Doesn’t Work If Employees Are Not Trained. Same thing with the Police, They don’t help you if you get robbed they just are there to make money off of you by writing tickets. If they stopped writing them it wouldn’t justify there jobs, so you’ll notice in towns with a big police force they will ticket a lot and have a lot of officers on duty; to keep it that way. It’s a big scam! If you were innocent until proven guilty, Why do they give you the ticket first?

There is already a shortage of jobs in America wait until this new Global Depression happens, There will be only a handful of jobs, lets put it this way you will either be working for the Government or you wont be working at all. Pretty much every job in American now is a place in society to make the wheels keep turning for this sick government game. Were the only nation that works twice as many hours than most European countries. People you need to wake up! The world is coming to a screeching halt and it’s not going to get any better. Everywhere will be a third world nation in the next year or two. That’s if the world doesn’t end in 2012 because the craziest of weather has been occurring all cross the world.

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