Organization Chart of The Shadow Government


shadow-government1. The Executive Branch

Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
The Bilderberg Group
National Security Council
Joint Chiefs of Staff
National Program Office
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

2. Intelligence Branch

National Security Agency (NSA)
National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
National Reconnaissance Organization
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Intelligence Division (FBI)
Department of Energy Intelligence
NSA’s Central Security Service and CIA’s Special Security Office
U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
NASA Intelligence
Air Force Special Security Service
Defense Industry Security Command (DISCO)
Defense Investigative Service
Naval Investigative Service (NIS)
Air Force Electronic Security Command
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Federal Police Agency Intelligence
Defense Electronic Security Command
Project Deep Water
Project Paperclip

3. War Department

CIA’s Directorate for Science and Technology
Strategic Defense Initiative Office (SDIO)
Ballistic Missile Defense Org. (BMDO)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Sandia National Laboratories-West (SNL-W)
Idaho National Engineering Laboratories (INEL)
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Phillips Air Force Laboratory
Tonapah Test Range
Haystack (Buttes) USAF Laboratory, Edwards AFB, California
Los Alamos National Laboratories
Area 51/Groom Lake (USAF/DOE/CIA) Base & S-4 (Papoose Lake Base)

U.S. Special Forces Command

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
The Jason Group
Aquarius Group
Defense Science Board
Defense Nuclear Agency
U.S. Space Command

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

Air Force Office of Space Systems
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
NASA’s Ames Research Center
Project Cold Empire
Project Snowbird
Project Aquarius
Project Tacit Rainbow
Project Timberwind
Project Code EVA
Project Cobra Mist
Project Cold Witness

4. Weapons Industry

Stanford Research Institute, Inc.
RAND Corporation
Edgerton, Germhausen & Greer Corporation
Wackenhut Corporation
Bechtel Corporation
United Nuclear Corporation
Walsh Construction Company
Aerojet (Genstar Corporation)
Reynolds Electronics Engineering
Lear Aircraft Company
Northrop Corporation
Hughes Aircraft
Lockheed-Maritn Corporation
McDonnell-Douglas Corporation
BDM Corporation
General Electric Corporation
PSI-TECH Corporation
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

5. Financial Department

Federal Reserve System
CIA self-financing
Department of Justice self-financing
Special Forces self-financing