London 2012 Olympics: Dark, satanic mills of Industrial Revolution take centre stage

The organisers have already revealed how they will show off cricket on the village green, dancing happily around the maypoles and singing for joy in the background. But they are expected to show a darker side to our past in the second scene.

However, a brand new aerial photograph of the Olympic Stadium as preparations for the opening ceremony continue shows a choice of props including cauldrons, chimney stacks and cotton looms

This dramatic image of what the opening ceremony is expected to look like was caught by a cameraman in an airship which passed near the Olympic Stadium in East London.

The river snaking through the centre of London seems to resemble the aerial image of London in the EastEnders credits. But sprouting from the landscape are a selection of iconic pictures from the industrial past.

Amongst the giant props on display had been a enormous 80ft figure which appears to be holding a wand although (correct) a towering chimney stack.

A giant figure is positioned in the middle of the field which was still covered in tarpaulin when the image was taken. The 80ft structure appears to be holding a staff or wand.

In front of the figure is the huge factory chimney although behind it is is a large metal cog, upon which are laid wooden sleepers, maybe a reference to the steam age.

The ceremony, which is expected to be viewed by a international Television audience of much more than a billion, will use a lot more than 13,000 props even though a million-watt amplifier will provide the sound.

Among the far more unusual items on show are three enormous iron-framed beds, one of which has a pirate’s hat and a hook lying on it which might indicate the use of the Captain Hook character from JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. Amongst the 10,000 volunteers involved in the overall performance are a group of NHS nurses.

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