Over forty states are considering laws to regulate domestic drone use

everyday-drones.jpeg-620x412By Jillian Rayfield

As more police departments are acquiring UAVs to help them with law enforcement, more than 40 states are considering legislation that would regulate the use of domestic drones.

According to a survey by Westlaw, the most common legislation being considered by states would require warrants before police can use drones — though North Carolina, Utah and Virginia “called for the investigation of, or express concern for, the authorized use of drones against U.S. citizens by the U.S. government.”

The Wall Street Journal reports on more of the findings:

Across the nation:

* 20 states have proposed or established privacy rights of action for those aggrieved by violations of drone rules;

* 17 have laws or bills banning “weaponized” drones;

* 17 have proposed or carved out emergency exceptions for drone use; and

* 16 have introduced or enacted laws making it a crime to violate drone statutes.