Outline of the 1947 Roswell Events – plural: events!

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A recent find seems to concretize the real Roswell incident: forty miles or so north of Roswell in the July 4th 1947 time-frame. In that 1947 time-frame, Mac Brazel discovered some odd debris in area around ranchland he farmed – the Foster Ranch – seventy-five miles northeast of Roswell in early July 1947.

The Brazel debris-find is unimportant but, at the time, his adventures with it, was at the point of compromising the real Roswell event which took place southeast of the Foster ranch. That is why the Army interacted with Mac Brazel, and for no other reason(s).

Brazel’s part of the Roswell incident is inconsequential actually, and has muddied the Roswell account from the beginning. The real Roswell event has been lost of marginalized by UFO researchers who have zeroed in on the Brazel debris, which was, by any rationale, balloon debris of an exotic kind.

North of Roswell, where something untoward and truly unusual occurred, is the source of the flying disc press release and activities which were shuttered by the U.S. Army but mingled with the Brazel tale, even though the details had been covered up by the government and military agencies within a few days of the north-of-Roswell event.

Brazel’s inopportune intervention into the real Roswell affair has caused the real Roswell event to be so muddled that UFO researchers and investigators have been flummoxed since 1978 when Stanton Friedman got hold of the peripheral Brazel story as recounted by Jesse Marcel Sr. and pushed it – the Brazel bit – forward as integral to the Roswell event – a catastrophic blunder for those who would follow with their own “research.”

What was the real event? It seems, from evidence located only a few months ago, that the real Roswell story is not far from the archaeologist tale(s) which you can find a good recounting of in several books, with Kevin Randle’s and Don Schmitt’s The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell [M. Evans and Company, NY, 1994, Chapter 14, Page 102 ff.] being a relevant source.

The archaeologist repast is discounted by most Roswell buffs but, as noted, new evidence will reverse that dismissal I think. Yes, the archaeologist overlay involves a craft and dead (alien?) bodies.

Is that the actual event? It could be, but there are other possibilities. Nick Redfern posed one in his Body Snatchers in the Desert book. The point I wish to make here is that at least two extraordinary things happened near Roswell in the first days of July 1947.

The accounts of those events have been juxtaposed by UFO buffs and researchers because they were not in situ in 1947 and relied on wtiness testimony and the lack of documentation by officialdom, so they made do with what they could get: flawed memories, a desire for fame (or fortune) by a few Roswellians, and scant documentation.

The Roswell witnesses were as enmeshed in the confusing confluence back in 1947 as the latter-day researchers are today. The Haut press release is a vital clue, encrusted by accretions of biased researchers and inept investigators and late-to-the-story commentators,

The Brazel patina has become sacrosanct but is truly irrelevant, along with the debris he found on his employer’s ranch. It has nothing to do with the real UFO event but has inserted itself do diligently in the mythical aftermath that dispensing with it has become a sunk-cost faux pas, as noted in my previous post.

Researchers can’t dismiss it, no matter how inconsequential it is to the real Roswell happening. Brazel found Mogul materials. That’s it.

Was the Roswell incident an extraterrestrial accident? Well, it was an accident, and circumstantially seems to have been ET oriented. Kevin Randle’s Dream team may enlighten the UFO community upcoming, and they can do so if they really wish to.

But meanwhile, you visitors and readers here might indulge yourselves in a re-invigorated scrutiny of the Roswell information – that which is bona fide and free of ET or skeptical biases, and see what you make of the two (or more) event scenario.

Stan Friedman was almost right, but his ET predilections took him off track and he is now a sunk-cost victim, like many of those dialoguing about Roswell hither and yon.

Is Roswell worth considering further? From what I’ve been told by reliable, credible investigators working the Roswell story, outside the loony lime-light of the internet crowd, yes it is. But time will really tell us……one hopes.