White House Insider: Obama In Serious Trouble – And That Makes Him Very Dangerous

“He owes them for everything. Everything he’s got – they gave to him. Everything. The guy’s Manchurian to the shoes on his feet.” -WHI

Note: For the past two years we have been receiving information from a longtime Democratic Party operative who has worked at the highest levels of American politics -including direct access to presidential administrations. Once closely allied to the Clinton machine, and then later playing a significant role in helping to elect Barack Obama in 2008, this individual came to realize just how inept and dangerous was the then-newly elected President Obama and his circle of closest advisers, namely Valerie Jarrett. Since that time this insider has time and again shared information that has later proven accurate, including rampant White House infighting, re-electionstrategies, Obama’s strained relationship with Democrats in Congress and the U.S. military, and more personal details specific to Barack Obama the man – a figure who suffers from emotional extremes including depression and who spends far more time in his second floor White House study than he does working in the Oval Office as President of the United States.

Here now is Part One of our most recent face to face interview with White House Insider…


UM: We agreed to a series of word associations to start this off. You still ok with that?

WHI: Sure – yeah. Fire away.

UM: Mitt Romney.

WHI: The next President of the United States. He better be – or…or people don’t know – they don’t realize how bad – how dangerous things will get. And fast.

UM: Hillary Clinton

WHI: Don’t trust her. Never have. I used to respect her…I still want to…Hope she proves herself – hope she does the right thing and stays the f-ck away from this administration when she leaves. IF she leaves.

UM: Bill Clinton

WHI: (Long Pause)

…..Disappointment. But he might surprise us yet. He…he could be playing this about right. Maybe. He’s still got game, but word is…he gets tired fast. Ain’t got the focus…I’d still count him as a friend though. Yeah – I would.

UM: -Name Deleted- (Wall Street Insider)

WHI: God bless him. And I mean that. What he’s going through…tough little son-of-a-b-tch. I’ve come to love that man. He still scares the sh-t out of me too. But man oh man…no way we could have kept at this without him. He’s pushed this-this…whatever we call what we’ve been doing here…he’s legitimized it. Protected it. Protected us. I don’t know if you’ll ever know how much…he don’t talk about it…but I know. I’m seeing things in the newseveryday now – just about everyday…I read the headline and smile. It’s him. He’s doing it. Will it be enough? (shrugs) Maybe. Maybe not. But g-dammit I’m sure as hell grateful we got him on our side.

UM: Valerie Jarrett

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