Oath Keepers: We Can Legally File Charges Against Obama

Western Journalism

The Oath Keepers recently held a convention in Las Vegas, NV, open only to police officers and sheriffs in which former sheriff (and current congressional candidate) Richard Mack  discussed how the 168 attendees could reacquaint themselves with their oath to the Constitution and their own protection when they carry out their duty.  One of those duties include issuing a warrant for the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama.

This has gone way past the issue of Obama being a natural born citizen.  It’s now about the multiple high crimes and misdemeanors committed by the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and how he may be brought to justice.  Peace officers represent the last line in the sand when members of Congress have repeatedly failed to honor the oaths they swore to uphold the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  To add additional fuel to this movement, Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse will be releasing their findings on  live stream video here.

This journalist spoke to Sheriff Mack before the convention to determine the purpose and planned outcomes.

Putting aside the issue of Obama’s eligibility as a natural born citizen to hold office, there are a significant number of wrong doings he has committed that would allow any peace officer desiring so to issue a warrant for Obama’s arrest.  As a recidivist offender of the United States Constitution, a mere twenty-five are listed here.

The video below is a summary discussing Sheriff Mack’s accomplishments and goals of his current project.  This is a man who sued the Clinton Administration over theBrady Bill, lost and was finally vindicated by the Supreme Court of the United States.