Of Royal Bondage and the Hierarchy of Blood

By Zen Gardner

The joke’s on them. Or should I say the yoke. These elites live in horrendous bondage and exact out their frustrations and fabricated fantasies on what they consider the cattle of the world in return.

Yet look at them. Have you ever seen such mindless subjection?

It filters down from there. It’s passed on to them by overlords of darkness, if you will, to whom they bow, which is why they are so into forcing the same behavior on those they consider under them. A very sick psychosis rooted in occult forces that have been manipulating humanity for millennia.

While they appear to be in charge, they are actually the most enslaved.

The Striking Bondage of Royal Hierarchy

This concept of royalty is deeply engrained in the human psyche. Once you’ve woken up, it’s all part and parcel of the entire scam, the same way you soon view religion or false science and education, it’s clearly contrived for a type of hypnotically confining control, and spun upon the human mind like a vast, sticky web of deceit.

I have no tolerance for people who make light of it and say it’s just pageantry and therefore say or do nothing about this travesty against humanity. It’s as real as it appears, only much worse. We’re given this public dis”play” to keep our minds in neutral as far as reacting.

Revolting seems somehow an appropriate word. And all this applies to fascist authoritarianism of any sort around the world.

It’s a serious invasion against true humanity and people need to wake the hell up to the seriousness of it. Just the financial gouging of the global “royals” is enough to make your blood boil, but the vying for total attention and cooperation in this sacrificial Luciferian rite should enrage any half-awake soul.

Just look at this recent drivel and the blatant chain yanking by the Queen snout. What bondage they all live in. This supplanting creature and her minions are so steeped in pecking order priorities, any changes make gossipy headlines in the UK, but no one grasps the full implications.

The Queen tells the Duchess of Cambridge to curtsy to the ‘blood princesses’

The Queen has updated the Order of Precedence in the Royal family, making it clear that the Duchess of Cambridge must curtsy to the Princesses by birth.

The Duchess of Cambridge may be the future queen, but she has discovered that there are several women in the Royal family to whom she must show reverence. Mandrake hears that the Queen has updated the Order of Precedence in the Royal Household to take into account the Duke of Cambridge’s wife.

The new rules of Court make it clear that the former Kate Middleton, when she is not accompanied by Prince William, must curtsy to the “blood princesses”, the Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and the daughters of the Duke of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

When William is with her, Kate does not need to bend the knee to either of them, but she must curtsy to the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

I know. Nauseating. This sums it up:

Although the etiquette may seem arcane, it is taken very seriously by the Royal family, whose members bow and curtsy to each other in public and in private. A vivid illustration came after the Trooping the Colour ceremony last weekend, when Kate could be seen curtsying to Prince Philip on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The Order of Precedence affects other aspects of royal protocol, such as who arrives first at an event. For example, Camilla was forced to wait in the drizzle outside the Guards Chapel, Windsor, for the arrival of Princess Anne at a memorial service in 2006, because Charles had not accompanied her. A Buckingham Palace spokesman declines to comment. Source

[What do you see here? If you knew the full truth behind these horrific entities and what they’ve perpetrated on mankind you might just flip out. And that’s how they hide. In plain sight because you cannot make the leap from this phony, nice old people imagery to the monsters that lie within. Same with the Catholic church, corporate, military and political strongmen, and the like. Dig deep, it’s yours to discover…if you dare.]

It’s Surreal – As Is Their Wickedness

That this nonsense is still perpetrated on so-called modern humanity is beyond comprehension. It’s like seeing the Pope and all his regalia preaching a message of love and sharing. Or American leaders talking freedom while raping the world and murdering innocents by the thousands.

And the British royals, sitting on untold wealth that could save the world several times over, these trolls stride above the world with such audacity that any normal, thinking human should rise up and explode with indignation.

Yet they don’t.

Conditioned slaves through repetitive propaganda, the stunted drones of mankind have taken this abuse for millennia. And now they own it, unless a major shift in consciousness can shake them out of it.

And here we are.

Despite sleeping humanity’s coma, this insanity is about to stop. There is a deciding point. When the populace says “no more” and stops cooperating, it’s over. And conscious awareness has everything to do with it.

[Fish-hat pagan pedophile sun worshipper reads incantation to hero-princess programming Disney characters.

Any problem digesting this, people?]

Breaking the Spell – Consciousness Rises

As the populace of the world catches on to what’s transpiring in front of their faces, we see change. While the so-called “color revolutions” are mainly contrived movements by subversive, hegemonist forces softening their targets, a genuine reaction by humanity to the obvious global injustices being perpetrated is erupting in spite of these co-opted charades infiltrated by agent provocateurs.

No, you won’t see this in the mainstream media. Forget it.

And if you’re looking there for confirmation of your leadings and inclinations you’re pretty far gone. Wake up, then we’ll talk.

Take a Stand – and Know You’re Already Free

The beauty of detachment is this new knowledge you acquire. I KNOW I’m alive, aware of and free from their influences like never before in my life. And I love it. I love the challenge of our times, I love the challenge of finding out the next step through the minefield of the matrix.

But yes, we’re in deep chocolate. Very nasty forces are now in apparent control of the world’s systems, again with the agreement of the world’s masses thanks to eons of reinforcement, mind control and Pavlovian response training.

International corporations have full sway in their endeavors to exploit, while politicians are nothing but spokespersons for these flesh eating paranas called corporate interests, all driving us to centralized control as they told us for ages.

What can you do? Fully wake up! We have nothing to fear, but we need to react to consciousness. Appear places. Be your new you. Who have you talked to today? The new lady at the yoga studio was shocked to learn about fluoride today.

Are you talking, sharing, alive within your world? I don’t shut up. I’m no saint but I can’t keep my mouth shut, as you can well see!

Keep on, good folks. It always leads to this type of ending, because that’s what it all ultimately boils down to you. You. Me. And responding. Keep on, I know you are.

Love, Zen


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