Obama secretly signs the most aggressive cybersecurity directive ever

The US faces widespread hacking attacks that could result in a “Cyber-Pearl Harbor,” Leon Panetta said. He invoked the greatest military disaster in US history to make the case for the CISPA bill, roundly criticized for violating privacy laws.

Google is warning thousands of Gmail customers this week that state-sponsored attackers may be trying to compromise their computers, an admonition that comes as authorities in Iran claim that their systems are coincidently being targeted as well.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered Pentagon top brass to monitor major US news media for disclosures of secret information. The move follows several high-profile leaks, which some US legislators say were timed to help Obama’s re-election bid.

Iranian hackers intent on disrupting the United States’ financial sector are once again on the attack, this time with US officials claiming America’s biggest banks have been hit as a cyberwar against the country’s Middle East adversary intensifies.

Two independent teams of researchers studying the Flame computer virus believe that the maker of the malware — all but certain to be the United States — has architected three additional programs to conduct clandestine cyberwar or espionage.

Two American politicians that investigated the September 11 terrorist attacks are warning the US government that the country’s current inability to counter cyber threats is on par with the States’ slow pace in preparing for 9/11.

The assumption that the US has the technological know-how to cripple a competing nation has always been just that: as assumption. In a recent sit-down interview, however, a former spy chief confirmed that America has already waged cyber attacks.

Power lines and infrastructure were ravaged this week from a pummeling by Hurricane Sandy, emulating what experts warn cyber-terrorists might soon do to America’s grid. Despite those fears, though, a new report says the feds are as unready as ever.

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