The SuperContinent Theory (Pangaea)

The Pangaea Theory states that all the current continents were once together, which formed a “supercontinent” The word Pangaea is Greek for “All Lands..” These continents are still moving today and maybe one day they will form back together or crash into each other… The way continents move is by the Earth’s crust heating up and then this hot magma drags these plates into different directions…. This theory was claimed as a Hoax but now there has been a lot of evidence to support this theory…

The part that is most convincing to anyone is the coastal shore line of the West Coast of Africa with the coastline East Coast of South America and they fit right together like a jig-saw puzzle…. Don’t forget about countries that were “flooded” or parts that eroded away… So if something doesn’t match it’s possible there is something missing..Now if you still don’t believe in this theory.. Read This:

Matching fossils of reptiles have been found in Africa and South America, proving that these two continents were close to each other or even joined, that reptiles could travel….. Identical fern fossils have also been found in all southern continents, suggesting that these southern continents has the same climate and soil to grow the same kind of ferns… Geologists have discovered that the geological structures of the rocks in South West Africa and South East Brazil were distinctively identical, and the age of the rocks at these two areas was the same. These distinctive rocks shared by the two land masses suggests that these two areas were once joined together. Above there is a lot of information that confirms this story of one big continent on the Earth..

I wonder why they don’t teach you about Pangaea in school ?? History is never really discussed in school or by the government.. It’s because they don’t want to know the truth about how the world once was… The less you know the better, who knows this talk of One World Government might refer to this “supercontinent…” But the weird part of this whole theory is that Coal can be found underneath the cold and dry Antarctic ice cap, but coal can only form in warm and wet conditions. This could mean that Antarctica was once together with the other continents as part of Pangaea, and was once in a warm and humid region. Coal was formed before Antarctica drifted away to its present cold and dry climate. That is why the coal can be found buried under the thick layer of ice and snow.

Don’t believe that crappy theory about Global Warming… The earth is constantly changing and it’s not because of our cars or our homes… It’s part of the earths cycle… I’m not saying pollution is good but me and you have no effect but huge corporations and the government play a bigger role in polluting the earth than the average citizen.. There is many unexplained things in this world but we can try to figure it out by putting pieces together… But Pangaea is not the only “supercontinent” that was formed in earths history.. Here are some old forms of our world: Gondwana, Laurasia, Pangaea, Euramerica, Oldredia, Pannotia, also called Vendian, Rodinia, Columbia, also called Nuna, Nena, Kenorland, Ur, and Vaalbara… You can do some more research on these other ones to find out more information about how much our world has change in the last 4.6 billion years…

One complete Supercontinent cycle is said to take 300 to 500 million years to occur. So when will the next one be? We already have our modern “supercontients” called Afro-Eurasia, America and Eurasia… If this theory is right, our world will come together once again or it even could create a “super disaster…” From this video below it says about 250 million years until this new one land mass… Send your information to