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Mother Jones, Ron Paul and The Matrix

It seems the Obama lovers at Mother Jones would rather to go into a debt collapse and WW3 than support Ron Paul. The craziest part is they think this is perfectly logical. Some of their supporters are even saying that they would prefer Romney over Paul. Look through the comments. These people have gone mad. The world has gone mad.

They are so petrified by the idea of living without a federal big brother that they would rather live under total corruption and tyranny – by their own standards – and because anti-war socialists at large refuse to support Ron Paul, people all over the world will continue to be bombed under the smorgasbord of U.S. wars.

Ralph Nader is not running for president again last time I looked, and even if he did, it would not be with the democrats therefore totally ruling out him out before the oligarchy even had a chance to sabotage him. So the anti-war socialists don’t have Nader…they have Paul – and they hate it.

I am more of a libertarian but I tell you now I would compromise without blinking for a man like Nader if he ran with the Dems and Paul was not running with the GOP. Just because I have a different ideology does not mean any disrespect. You know and feel deep down inside Nader is a man of principles – like Paul. If I was a progressive, I would compromise and support Paul. Either one would be a decent and honest man, unlike the phony crooks the oligarchy serves up.

We need some decent men at the top – fuck this left/right shit. The whole world desperately needs an honest U.S. president with the balls to tell the truth – Paul is the only one with a shot. You need the balls because you never know when the CIA might ‘off’ you – or your children – don’t think they wouldn’t, they would do it without a micron of guilt and they would sleep like babies that very night.

I just can’t compute the logic. Even if they don’t agree with all of Ron Paul’s postions, the other options are pretty much at this point Obama and Romney, both of which are corrupt war mongering freedom hating psychopath sacks of sorry shit who clearly sold their souls to the oligarchy a long time ago. Obama has been far worse than Bush. A glaring fact democrats cowardly refuse to face. People knew Bush was full of shit but Obama is a much more sophisticated liar.

The U.S. is on the verge of collapse and people are so easily mind controlled they actually think more taxes will fix the problem. I see people all over twitter saying they are the 1%! Tax them more! These fucktards should volunteer to pay more for starters. It’s like they are saying Uncle Sam won’t let them pay more…lies.

Seriously…if you taxed another $5 trillion, the corrupt in government would find a way to blow and steal another $5 trillion. Taxing more is like taking on more debt to fix a debt problem. It is insanity. Realistically, how are you going to tax people and corporations more who know how to avoid paying it anyway??? If I was an ultra wealthy crook with numerous loop holes, I would think, sure, tax me as much as you like PROLE if that gets you off my back. Companies like GE pay ZERO tax and get billions back in a tax return. Proles are suckers, always were, always will be.

The U.S. government already takes in vast amounts of wealth…and spends it on bankers, wars and corporations. The waste AND theft has run off the charts. That is why America is bust, it has nothing to do with not paying enough taxes. But the mind controlled Borg won’t listen. They never have and they never will.

Ladies and gentleman, if you want the truth? We are FUCKED. I know that is not what you wanted to read but the U.S. IS going down, as planned. Once that happens big brother is going to have a field day. Shit like the NDAA will just be a warm up. All this BS you get from certain conspiracy guys about a mass awakening the elite will not be able to stop is nothing but the false hope that Obama gave you.

When you accept you live in a matrix, you know everyone is asleep around you. They were asleep 2000 years ago and they are asleep now.

If you go through my articles, you will find I said Ron Paul has no chance. Even if by a miracle the public at large voted for him, the rigged voting machines would sort it out. If somehow the voting machines didn’t stop him, he would soon be enjoying a whiskey with JFK in the clouds courtesy of the CIA.

The ship is sinking, it is too late to repair anything. The end game is a brave new world, but we are going to go through Orwell’s nightmare until the technology is ready. All you can do is brace yourself. Best move is get out of the city, live as remote as possible and learn to be self-sufficient so a crash of the system will not affect you as much. All those city dwellers are going to go ape shit when there are no supermarkets with food and no gasoline in their cars. You do not want to be in that mess.