Another Plasma Battery Inventor Murdered in Moscow

For anyone following the new Thorium plasma battery technology, I have some bad news to share with you. I received the following email from my former classmate Sergei who was in Moscow for his sister’s wedding. Unfortunately I did not get to see this email until yesterday because I was away on maternity leave. It was sent back January 29th, 2012. As you may recall, one of the last two living inventors of the Thorium plasma battery, a Russian named Dimitri Petronov has been missing since the beginning of 2010.

“My dear Leslie, you can forget about collecting that $500,000 we joked about last year. Sasha and I were driving home from the wedding when we heard the news on the radio that the Moscow police pulled an unidentified man’s body from the Volga river. They said he was missing his teeth and both of his hands were cut off. Because the body was badly decomposed they could not make any identification. But they made reference that it was a male “About 50 years old” and gave the height that could be Dimitri. They also made reference that an old pocket watch was found in his pocket with initials of “MSP” engraved on the backside. Could this be a family member of Dimitri’s? We called the Moscow police but they are too busy to talk with me because I am not a family member. I think this may have been that battery inventor we talked about Dimitri Petronov I will look for the story in Izvestia and forward it to you if possible. Good luck with the baby, I think you will not have much time for anything for a few months.”

For members that don’t know the story of Dimitri Petronov, here are two links from 2011 and another more recent one:…itri-petronov/

For those that don’t know about the battery itself you can just google “Thorium Plasma Battery Technology” or check out this link: