Police Claim Lanza in “Direct Competition” with Norwegian Shooter Breivik

lanzabreivikKurt Nimmo

The establishment media is keeping the Sandy Hook shooting story alive as Democrats scurry to force through legislation outlawing semiautomatic firearms the government considers military assault weapons.

On Tuesday, CBS News reported that police in Connecticut say the suspected shooter, Adam Lanza, “was in direct competition with Norwegian mass-shooter Anders Breivik” and “was motivated by violent video games and a goal of killing more ‘easiest targets’ than the 77 people killed by Breivik near Oslo in July 2011.”

After killing 77 people in Oslo in 2011, Breivik was described as a xenophobe “Nordicist” who hates Muslims and multiculturalism. “The murderer from Norway did not, it would seem, come out of nowhere,” commented Der Spielgel. “Rather, he had found an ideological home among those seeking to cleanse Europe of Islam and multi-culturalism.” Following his rampage targeting white Norwegians, the corporate media linked him to nationalist political parties in Britain.

Lanza, on the other hand, was described as a recluse suffering from Asperger syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. It is said he also played video games obsessively, including Call of Duty and Starcraft, according to corporate media accounts.

Both federal and state governments have exploited the Sandy Hook shooting and Lanza’s purported mental illness to push legislation outlawing an entire class of firearms and mandating mental health screening for firearms owners and purchasers.

In January, Hennepin County Minnesota Sheriff Richard W. Stanek was trotted out by the Obama administration to underscore the argument that mental health checks should be required for Americans who exercise the Second Amendment.

“What the more realistic discussion is, ‘How do we target people with mental illness who use firearms?’,” said Republican Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan a few days after the Connecticut shooting.

Government bureaucrats have reacted to violent video games in predictable fashion – they are calling for a “sin tax” to be imposed on the popular form of entertainment.

Debralee Hovey, a Republican State Representative from Connecticut, has proposed a 10 percent tax on video games and a mandatory rating scheme. “I would love to have the industry step up and say, ‘We don’t need a law. We don’t need a tax. But we are willing to do a PSA for these games,’” she told Variety.