Philip Corso’s Son Reveals That Roswell Craft Was A Time Machine

In 2004 Phil Corso Jr. spoke with the co-author of “The Day After Roswell”, William Birnes, at Stephen Bassett’s X-Conference. What was stated by both of them was explosive, the emphasis of the information being that the Roswell craft was actually a time machine. A lot of mind-boggling things were stated about time, time travel and the real reason for the UFO cover-up – with Steven Greer’s The Disclosure Project being mentioned several times by Corso Jr.

I made the presentations available online several years ago – and all of them remained on Google Video except for the second presentation with Bill Birnes which contained many explosive anecdotes which were perhaps too revealing.

In the first presentation with just Phil Corso Jr., the details of the alleged Roswell craft are talked about at length. Of particular interest was information about the so-called Extraterrestrial Biological Entities – which contained 2 brains. One was organic and thought to control the beings, and one was “laced with crystal electronics” that is still not understood to this day, which was thought to connect the beings with the craft – through time. It is purported that these beings are essentially Artificial Intelligences from our own future – and that their “crash” caused a bifurcation of our time-lines and altered our history. The most mind-boggling aspect of this story and the theory that the Air Force etc are operating under, is that as a result of this time-line split and the subsequent advancement in technology from reverse-engineering, that WE (or the military) are now on a time-line of technological evolution that will eventually create the very same craft and beings that actually crashed in Roswell in 1947! Does that make sense?

See for yourself. (Only Two Videos Are Still Available)

Philip Corso Jr. – 2004 – X-Conference – Part 1:

William Birnes – 2004 – X-Conference – Politics of Disclosure: