Pharmaceuticals Drive Magnesium Levels Lower

Because magnesium deficiency causes all types of havoc with our cell physiology and worsens as we age, applicable magnesium supplementation is not going to solely assist guarantee we don’t age so quick however it additionally will forestall most of the main illnesses we are dealing with in the present day. Research revealed within the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 confirmed that when the diets of two,566 youngsters ages 11-19 have been studied, lower than 14% of boys and 12% of ladies had sufficient intakes of magnesium.

When magnesium is poor, issues start to die, however when our physique’s magnesium ranges are topped off, our physique physiology tends to hum alongside like a racecar yielding larger efficiency alongside many physiological parameters. Most medical doctors don’t need to acknowledge that magnesium deficiency can lead on to most cancers, thus to a considerably shorter life. Same goes for diabetes and coronary heart illness—magnesium deficiency brings on these illnesses.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral whose lack leaves us open to not solely harm from radiation but additionally harm from heavy metals and the 1000’s of chemical substances to which we’re generally uncovered. Without enough magnesium, the physique accumulates toxins and acid residues, degenerates quickly, and ages prematurely.

Magnesium is the “lamp of life”—it operates on the core of physiology providing us what can solely be referred to as scientific miracles in medication. All of life collapses round its loss. The realization that magnesium is on the heart of life in chlorophyll ought to assist us place magnesium within the temple the place it deserves to be.

The most good medication on the planet is the one it’s important to have—no matter what—to proceed your life. There are sure substances, all dietary in nature, that present important lifelines to comfortable and totally purposeful cells. Though up to date medication doesn’t need to admit the reality and actuality about illnesses and their causes, it’s clear that dietary regulation holds the important thing to the decision of illness—not prescription drugs which might be poisonous and damaging to mobile environments.

Anything that drives down magnesium ranges goes to harm us. Many pharmaceutical medicine drive magnesium ranges into harmful zones and surgical procedure achieved with out rising magnesium ranges is extra harmful than surgical procedure achieved when magnesium is run earlier than, throughout and after surgery. Dr. Matthias Rath says, “Almost all the prescription drugs currently taken by millions of people lead to a gradual depletion of vitamins and other essential cellular nutrients in the body.”

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