What Hit The Pentagon On 9/11? A Missile or a Plane?

Recently @EZKPatriots on Twitter, Sent me an interesting video which might give evidence on what hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This video has some old and new footage pieced together that states a cruise missile was shot at the Pentagon that day, not an airplane! Many websites, including theintelhub.com and infowars.com completely disprove this theory of a missile hitting the pentagon! These websites claim that there is not sufficient evidence to prove this theory… Well the last time I checked, there isn’t enough evidence to prove or disprove the whole entire 9/11 ‘inside job’ theory! Well here is the video that is said to have new evidence about what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11:

I don’t know how true these video or images are but I can tell you that the 9/11 conspiracy is only growing larger every year.. When will the government come out with the truth? How can only a couple videos be released when the Pentagon is littered with a hundreds of cameras? How can people believe the official story or not even question authority!? Hopefully one day we will be able to hear the ‘real’ story about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The new theory which is stated in above video; is that a cruise missile is what actually hit the pentagon. (Look at the weird hole picture above) Now if an airplane hit the side of the Pentagon it wouldn’t just fall apart the way it did.. (Due to reinforced steel & concrete) I don’t feel like beating a dead-horse but EZKPatriots insisted on me doing a post about this newly released video.. The one thing that proves that a missile hit the pentagon was one of the 9/11 commissioners experienced a freudian slip during a interview on TV. Most likely that was the truth because if your not familiar with the freudian slip; it’s actually what’s on your mind. I think I’m done talking about the 9/11 conspiracy until more evidence gets released and if the government comes out and states it was a false flag attack on America! If you have any other information you would like to send me, please email me at tips@usahitman.com