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Predetermined Future Controlled By Elites

question(Dale Philby)

Don’t you think they (whoever is really in charge and pulling all the strings) anticipated all of this? They have been setting the stage for decades. Do you really think as smart as they all are that the US debt wasn’t planned?

They could have been profiting instead of going in debt. An economic collapse or fear of one has been the plan all along to allow them to take control and evoke martial law if necessary.

Why do you think all the recent Executive Orders have been signed? Why do you think the debt has skyrocketed in the recent few years? So they can prepare, buy ammo and military vehicles, arm the Middle East and stockpile 30+ years of goods underground for those left.

All the shootings were orchestrated to try to take all of our guns so they can move us into the FEMA camps after the collapse (or perceived collapse) they create. They control the Media and make the populous believe whatever they want and they play the shell game with us and try to focus our attention away from the really important issues. This should be obvious to anyone really paying attention.

They are not prepared to save the majority of us from whatever they’ve planned or know is coming. They will try to save themselves and whoever they deem as genetically ideal. I have a semi-genius IQ and I can see all this as part of the plan. They will all (NWO) go underground in the DUMPs they have dug out and gas or nuke the surface as their contingency should we resist (they don’t want us overrunning the DUMPs, they want us contained in the camps) or in case of a worldwide nuclear, chemical or biological exchange that they have probably funded or supplied. And I didn’t even mention planetary changes they know are coming due to the cyclic position of the solar system.

This may put a lot of you off but intrigues some. Is there any sort of alien involvement? (I know that lost a bunch of you there, but I’m just saying.) Whatever their plans and why they are doing it all is debatable but, the outcome in their eyes is still the same. Hence the horsemen are released. Is mankind as we know it doomed? Is the future predestined or can we make it what we want? Is resistance futile or can we save ourselves?