Possible Footage of Jeffrey Epstein ALIVE on his island after Hurricane Dorian

I was going to post this yesterday but I just didn’t have the energy and I was doing some more re-watching and reading threads of what people were thinking about the footage Ill be posting below of Post Hurricane Dorian footage of Little St. James Island. Now here is the two opinions:

“It’s not him because they are not hiding/caring that the drone is recording above their heads; if it was him he wouldn’t look straight at it or would decide to leave the area.”

Looks exactly like him! It’s him…. (Then later on; major debunking and nonsense occurs before thread shut down)

Now many claim Epstein has a grounds worker who looks similar to his build and appearance with whitish hair. But it’s hard to know for sure; who this guy is. It’s not solid evidence but still interesting. Ill post the full drone footage below: (We also found some other interesting things; like underground ventilation type system) So lets see what else we can find in the video; screenshot and save:

See the white haired guy in left golf cart, around 2:30 mark. Drone zooms in and he looks up. Filmed Aug. 30