Popular Hair Growth Drug Propecia Chemically Castrates Users!?

One victim who says the drug ruined his life is 30 year-old Las Vegas resident Kevin Malley who is currently conducting a multi-day hunger strike outside of Merck’s corporate headquarters in Whitehouse, N.J.

Among those other persistent side effects that have gone unlisted in Merck’s Propecia labeling, an American doctor wrote in a related correspondence, are “reduced exercise tolerance, weight gain with increased fat deposition and muscle and joint aches.”

Most doctors who know about Propecia’s hair growth properties still have no idea about the drug’s persistant sexual side effects. “Many of my friends take Propecia and I had no idea it had these side effects … and I stay on top of the latest medical news,” says Dr. Bashir A. Zakria, Assistant Professor, Division of Sports Medicine at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes.