Police investigating ‘Soph’ after her viral hate-based YouTube videos

A Marin County teenager is now at the center of the latest free speech versus hate speech battle. One of her recent YouTube videos has led to a police investigation and a protest at her high school.

In this video entitled “Be Not Afraid,” the 14-year-old YouTuber who goes by Soph wears a hijab and calls herself a devout follower of Muhammad, all while making offensive statements.

After the video went viral, it was pulled by YouTube for violating its policy against hate speech, but more of what the Marin County high school student calls “comedy” can still be found on her channel.

The teen’s foulmouthed, outspokenness and rants against political correctness has made her a far right media darling and garnered her nearly one million subscribers.

Some of her comments have also made her the target of at least two police investigations, one concerning an alleged threat made against the CEO of YouTube.

The Tiburon Police Department determined the threat was not credible since the 14 -year-old does not have access to any firearms.

Central Marin Police also investigated concerns raised by her high school. Students at the school say a handful of her classmates walked out today protesting her videos.

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