Paris Jackson’s Illuminati Tweets: Is The Illuminati Trying To ‘Silence Her’?

Would Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson know anything at all about the Illuminati? One would think that even at her young age of 15, in her position with famous rock star dad Michael, she might know a little bit about what’s going on behind the curtain. Well, it turns out that Paris has made some eye opening tweets on twitter about the Illuminati. Paris also recently made national news for an attempted suicide. (See article below images) Is the Illuminati out to silence her?




A California judge is demanding answers about suicidal Paris Jackson’s state of mind. An investigator was ordered to check into the troubled teen’s welfare as rumors and reports swirled about the cause of her attempted suicide, according to court papers.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff — for the second time in a year — demanded details on the health, education and general welfare of Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old daughter. Michael’s mother Katherine, who has custody of his three kids, disappeared for several days last summer — with rumors that she was kidnapped by her relatives. (By the Illuminati?)

The order was issued Thursday, one day after Paris slashed her wrist with a kitchen knife and swallowed 20 Motrin painkillers at 1:27 a.m. Wednesday.

The botched suicide occurred inside the Calabasas, Calif., mansion where the Jackson family matriarch oversees her late son’s three kids: Paris, Prince and Blanket.

The failed suicide try that landed Paris inside a Los Angeles hospital will also keep her off the witness stand — at least temporarily.

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