Private moon mission to be announced?

Former NASA astronauts and engineers may be preparing to announce a private mission to the moon.

In the wake of rumors suggesting that NASA will soon announce plans for a manned mission to the moon, private firms may soon be getting in on the action as well. As private space endeavors become ever more ambitious and advanced, is it technically feasible for a private firm to be able to send humans to the moon when no space agency has done so since the 1970s ?

One good place to look for the answer to such a question is the list of competitors for Google’s Lunar X Prize, the race to land a rover on the moon. If one of the teams succeed it could pave the way for future private missions to send humans to the moon without the financial backing of a major space agency.

Cryptic tweets and posts from the websites NASASpaceFlight. com and NASA Watch, neither of which is affiliated with NASA, said former NASA astronauts and engineers would soon announce such a venture.

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