Top Secret NSA PRISM Tools Leaked Via Unsecured Parabon Database

I have been busy working on the site but I came across supposed tools which were leaked by a twitter user named ‘AgentViz’ which claims to stumbled upon the Parabon Computation’s unsecured database which was easily full of millions of dollars in custom software designed for the NSA’s surveillance program. It was first posted to 4chan, quickly 404ed and then went across multiple blogs. No MSM outlets have picked up this story and even Glenn Greenwald was tweeted the links. He still hasn’t reported on this yet..

Please Do NOT Download The Programs… (They’re untested and possibly dangerous if your not using a virtual machine within your computer) The tools may also contain honeypots, botnets, or nasty tools which might get you a visit from the FBI. Please also make sure the download links are the real thing; many fake links have been surfacing.

Quick look: Locksmith – which makes all SSL utterly useless; Jigsaw – no one knows yet (possibly to break encryption?) Other Documents/Images Below:






Found Someone Running The Programs: