PsyOps And The Plans For 2012


My name is not important. I accused the United States government of the 9/11 attacks in 2002 and 2004 legal and was a political prisoner for accusing the USA of terrorism and torture in another country. What is important is that I have been near the power, the elite, and what some people consider the illuminati and the public information Im going to share with you is vital.

On a basic scale, one only needs to examine the collapse of building seven which was not hit by an airplane and understand the time it takes to prepare a controlled demolition to know the government did 9/11.

On a larger scale, there was a project called project paperclip which was the importation of Nazi scientists to be placed in the universities and military industrial complex. Some where mind scientists, and some where rocket scientists. Following that was a scientist named Ewen Cameron that experimented on mental hospital patients by forcing them to listen to repeats of the same sentences over and over and injecting them with drugs to eliminate their personas to a fine grain of mush, where by they could be reprogrammed in any direction.

This and the banker conspiracies, JP morgan and friends that owned a publication and pretended a bank was insolvent which lead to the great depression and the recent rumors repeated of a bank Societe General, which lead to the recent loss of a trillion 600 billion this past year, are how the power works. the banks then pretend they are broke only to show record profits a year later.

The people who run this show are PSYOP. Okie Campaigns. The weapons, and this is public domain, are POGS, microwave hearing that duplicates the inner voice of man and stimulates their emotional state.V2K are also names for these weapons.

The Big Blue IBM brain computer is as fast as the human brain. The GWEN, cell towers, and Radomes are how they broadcast.

Lt Col Anthony Shaffer recently gave an interview called Congress on Psyops-youtube- and LT Col Michael Holmes recently did a whistleblower article in Rolling Stone concerning these Psyops. These are the true weapons that continue the war machine appartus. Oil, drugs, natural gas pipelines, monsanto food destruction, the spoils of war and billions of dollars missing. This is the real game. The representatives are only puppets and so is the judicial system. There are even americans being tortured youtube topoff 4 and monarch program. This came from the nazis and the government truly believes inpopulation control. HAARP, tetonics, scalar, and as a race these military cults have taken us over. These weapons can control man and mans decision making completely. Even many of the rich are on these weapons without their knowledge, an uneducated major who did not graduate high school may be running the brain of a fortune 500 executive. Now you know the true fight and the true enemy. How can you change mans opinion when they rely on their inner voice to make their decisions. There are many underground bases and those bases are even crazier and stories even if printed no one would believe….They civil war with their military weapons and no one says a word.There is a coded language many of them use…..We are true putters.