Pennsylvania Woman Admits Killing 22 People as Part of Satanic Cult

pennsylvania-womanby Gabriela Motroc

Pennsylvania woman who pleaded “not guilty” during her last trial admitted killing 22 people as part of a satanic cult during and interview with local newspaper The Daily Item. 19-year-old Miranda Barbour confessed the murder of Troy LaFerrara along with her 22-year-old Elytte Barbour, but also claimed to have ended the life of over 20 people across the country in the last six years as part of her involvement in a satanic cult which reportedly dates back to the time when the Pennsylvania woman was only 13 years old.

Barbour along with her husband have been charged by Sunbury Police on November 11, 2013 of fatal knifing LaFerrara, but in her interview with The Daily Item, the 19-year-old criminal stated that she did not want to plead guilty, but in the end she admitted killing the man whom she met on Craigslist and at least 22 other people as part of a satanic cult.

“I didn’t want to (plead guilty),” Barbour said.

She told the local newspaper that she was ready to confess, but her attorney “grabbed the microphone and said not guilty.” The Pennsylvania woman who had multiple chances to come clean starting from November last year mentioned that she wishes to be honest and, irrespective of people’s opinion with regard to her statement, she does not want to get attention.

Barbour told the newspaper how she accepted to have sex with LaFerrara for $100, whom she met through a Craigslist advertisement. Although she planned to let the man go, the Pennsylvania woman stated that “he said the wrong things,” which determined her to kill him. Barbour added that she lied to the man and told him she just turned 16, but LaFerrara was ready to go through with the arrangement. The couple told the police that Barbour gave her husband, who was hiding on the back seat of her car, the signal to strangle him and then she stabbed him 20 times.

Pennsylvania woman who admitted killing over 22 people as part of a satanic cult told a local newspaper that she was sexually molested by her uncle when she was four, information confirmed by her mother, Elizabeth Dean.

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