Confirmed chemtrailer QFA64 vanished off radar over VIC/NSW border

So I was watching QFA64, a confirmed chemtrailer plane that has been filmed on multiple occasions dumping vast chemtrails in weather conditions where no other planes are putting out huge “contrails” – just this one.

It was on route to Sydney, close to the Victorian/NSW borders.

Then all of a sudden – The plane came up no callsign – as you can see in the pic below.

Click the images to enlarge.

A few minutes later – it had vanished completely from radar.

Why would the planes transponder stop working? I know I am relying on a 3rd party site here, but nothing else on the site is unusual – no other planes seem to be having transponder issues.

After a little while it came back again –

It’s a little suspicious in my book when it is the confirmed chemtrailer vanishing off radar and no one else.