Queen Lizzie’s Eerie Transdimensional Portrait

By Zen Gardner

Man this is freaky. This is Queen Elizabeth’s official Diamond Jubilee photograph, believe it or not. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon it.

Talk about implying the interdimensional while staring at humanity with complete disdain. This is just disgusting. You sure know who she reports to as well. The Knights Templars’ cross insignia is on her chest (reflected, so twice) and is the dominant image on her crown.

Notice anything else? What does the reflected garter-type ribbon form? A giant V which stands for the number six in Hebrew (Vav) and has many other inferences, from alien control to freemasonry.

Just the overall portrayal of abject opulence and the arrogance of presumptuous power is enough to make you sick, but flaunting your occult control takes it to the next level. Just where they like to communicate.

But let’s talk about that mirror image.

The Perfect Double

To be honest, that’s a pretty amazing shot. I still don’t see how you can get a total double image with a perfect profile in the mirror while shooting from apparently head on but I guess they can do that. But it’s so lucid you don’t know if you’re looking at the reflection or the original in the foreground. It plays with your head.

It’s weird.

I mean the whole idea of royalty is already as strange to me as Roman Catholicism and the mindboggling fact that people actually buy into it. If anything attests to the manipulability of the human race, those are two great examples. Amazing and disgusting. The human battery is no myth. We empower their network.

Damn, people gotta wake up!

Omen of Death – Making Way for Puppet Prince William?

The occult implications of this “Jubilee” photo are many. Mirrors have been used for divination, psychic power and to peer into other dimensions. They played a major part in ancient lore but only get slight attention in fantasy films or tales of fiction today, and are often associated with evil. They are also a prominent symbol for mind control where they symbolize the alters created in subjects that are manipulated by their handlers.

One other thing.

A common belief amongst many cultures is that dreaming of or seeing one’s reflection was also considered an omen of death. Is that why she’s not so happy, she’s picking up on it? Or is she being set up and this is another Illuminati ceremonial portrayal at work letting their minions know what the plan is?

After all, if Prince William is gonna make his move to stardom starting this year, as many predict, something’s gotta give in the chain of command.

Mirrored Images, Dopplegangers & Shapeshifters

The weird connections continue. You knew we’d get to the shapeshifting element and this will walk us right into it:

A doppelganger is the ghostly or in some cases, a physical double of a living person. The term has, in the vernacular, come to refer to any double or look-alike of a person, most commonly in reference to a so-called evil twin, or to bilocation. Alternatively, the word is used to describe a phenomenon where you catch your own image out of the corner of your eye. In some traditions, seeing one’s own doppelganger is an omen of death. A doppelganger seen by friends or relatives of a person may sometimes bring bad luck, or indicate an approaching illness or health problem.

The doppelgangers of folklore cast no shadow, and have no reflection in a mirror or in water. They are supposed to provide advice to the person they shadow, but this advice can be misleading or malicious. They can also, in rare instances, plant ideas in their victim’s mind or appear before friends and relatives, causing confusion. In many cases once someone has viewed his own doppelganger he is doomed to be haunted by images of his ghostly counter-part. Other folklore says that when a person’s doppleganger is seen, the person him/herself will die shortly. It is considered unlucky to try to communicate with such a doppleganger.

Rosalyn Greene claims that the doppelganger phenomenon, via bilocation, is responsible for reports of werewolves and other shapeshifters.


Well wudyaknow. Ha. So, she’s bragging, or should I say, her entitly is bragging about ITS subject?

That just might turn you into a…

Mad Hatter!..(Careful Queenie, Your Snout’s Showing..)

This foolish ceremonial “Diamond Jubilee” money-wasting crap is going to go on all year. Can you believe it? Nice, keep breaking the British backs with this self-aggrandizing empty husk bullshit while the economy tumbles and England returns to a feudal fiefdom.

You think we can’t see what you’re up to?

So why not throw in the extravagant IllumOlympics to really make things f’d up, you idiots. And make them over the top militarized to keep your subjects oppressed while throwing enough mind-bending ceremonial symbolism of your new world odor you can. Why not? You elites don’t give a crap for humanity. You see us as slaves, useless eaters, “human resources”.

Won’t be long, parasites. Won’t be long.

Guess you jerks never caught on that good always eventually wins. Guess you weren’t around to see the happy ending, eh? What happened? Get eliminated, did ya? Why not wise up and change sides now?

You can blow the planet to smithereens and good still wins. Put that in your lizard snouts and smoke it.

Keep on, Truth Troopers. They’re on the run…as long as we’re attacking. Don’t shirk your personal duty. Don’t observe, do. Be the change. All hands on deck. Love and affection, Zen