Radiation Found in Milk & Water.. Food Soon

Radiation from Japan rained on Berkeley during recent storms at levels that exceeded drinking water standards by 181 times and has been detected in multiple milk samples, but the U.S. government has still not published any official data on nuclear fallout here from the Fukushima disaster.

Dangers from radiation that is wafting over the United States from the Fukushima power plant disaster and falling with rain have been downplayed by government officials and others, who say its impacts are so fleeting and minor as to be negligible.

But critics say an absence of federal data on the issue is hampering efforts to develop strategies for preventing radioactive isotopes from accumulating in the nation’s food and water supplies.

Source: The Bay Citizen

Now in Japan they have detected radiation in the milk and other foods… The EPA has detection systems all over the United States but why haven’t they said anything yet? They were expecting this stuff to happen but what isn’t there more concern about this topic? The government creates the reality by “allowing” the news to cover certain topics. So are they covering this up, will they ever say something? Already in Washington state they have detected radiation in the milk but not yet in the food.. It’s only a matter of time before we can’t drink or eat anything. Already in Japan that’s happening and the food prices have been skyrocketing..

If we can’t drink the milk that means that you can’t drink the water or eat the food as well.. Our government doesn’t want to disclose this information as of yet but we can only imagine what they are hiding from us. Just like every other disaster than has happened in the world since 2001… A lot of people will die and become sick because of this nuclear melt-down… Not only Japan had a earthquake and a tsunami it also had a nuclear disaster.. I feel really bad for the people that are in Japan.. Citizens have also been reporting that they are getting blisters on their face and the government is saying to use sticky tape to close up your home to the radiation.. Yeah Right!!

The radiation has finally made it’s way across the entire United States and Almost Europe! We need a lot of cement to cover up the plant to put a rest to the leaking reactors.. Commodities are going to skyrocket within the next month. We are going to have a food shortage on our hands in the upcoming months as well as another economic collapse that will be much worse than our “fake recession.” It will be the Greatest Depression that mankind will ever face… The interest on the money that the U.S government owes is already too much and it’s only going to make the U.S a third-world country. The dollar will no longer be the worlds currency reserve and that is the worst news for Americans ever.

Right now countries have to pay for oil in dollars because our money is accepted everyone and by everyone, Since it’s the worlds currency reserve. So we get a really good deal on gas unlike most other countries across the globe. Our social status and the way we live would change over-night if the dollar became nothing because we have too much debt. Inflation would skyrocket and payments would be accepted in Gold or Silver or Bartering for goods. We need to start growing our own food and supplies but that will be impossible if the air we breathe is toxic. The future is not looking good! Be prepared! Trust me! Wake Up People! Start asking questions!