Researchers Claim Ancient Alien Defense Systems Shot Down Russian Meteor

590632021_1367170821A team of Russian ufologists and paranormal researchers are making the claim that the meteorite that exploded over Russia back in February of this year was actually blown up by several buried ancient alien metal structures located in Siberia. The team has even announced that they have interviewed at least 4 witnesses that seen these metal cauldrons rise up out of the ground and shoot “laser like” beams into the sky. The witnesses claim to have seen this only minutes before the explosion happened which ended up injuring over 1100 people in Russia. What is amazing is that scientists have estimated that the meteor was over 55 feet in length and weighed in excess of 10,000 pounds. This would make this meteor the biggest to enter earth’s atmosphere since the Tungunska one hit more than a century ago. But the most amazing thing is that the Tunguska explosion is also believed to have been caused by these ancient alien defense systems according to several researchers.

Just last year, a team of several researchers and scientists went on an expedition to try and locate these metal objects and they announced that they had indeed found several large metal objects that were buried in swamp like marshes in Siberia. Unfortunately, the team was not able to obtain any samples and plans on returning this year in the summer months to do more thorough research and testing to determine exactly what the objects are. More information from the expedition and their findings can be found here:

So, what exactly are these metal cauldrons? According to believers, there are a total of five large metal defense systems that were left here by an advanced ancient alien species in the remote past to protect the planet against large meteor, asteroid, and comet impacts. Some researchers even believe that they protect the planet against hostile alien races visiting planet Earth too. Apparently the objects remain buried until they get somehow activated when a threat is detected, they then rise up out of the ground and shoot high energy or laser like beams at the incoming threat until the object is blown apart. And this is exactly what the eyewitnesses claimed to have seen with at least two of the objects before the Russian meteor exploded in February. Both objects rose out of the ground, aimed a turret like canon at the meteor and then shot several beams at it. Once the meteor was blown apart, both of the metal objects sank down into the ground and were covered over with several feet of marsh water again. The researchers who interviewed the eyewitnesses told local reporters that the location of the accounts is exactly where they found the five metal objects last year and they are definitely returning in several months when the weather improves.

So, what will they find? Will we actually get confirmation of alien artifacts left here on Earth? Will we be able to use or duplicate the technology? Will anything be found at all and even if it is, will information get out to the general public? I know i have my own opinions on this but what’s yours? As always, stay tuned, my friends, it is going to be a weird ride….