Reports coming in of large fireball over US East Coast Last Night

NE Bolide 22MAR2013 v122MARCH2013 Cliff Livesay Sykesville, MD, USA 19:55:00 4 sec W-E Bright white Moon No Caught it from the corner of my eye out the window, watched it streak acrross and burn out.

22MAR2013 Mark Nucker Ellicot City, MD 21042 19.57 2-3 seconds left to right north to east green-blue bright as moon don’t know moved quickly descending

22MAR2013 Eric Schwartz Middletown, DE USA 19:55:00 ~2 seconds N-E Fasing NE multi-colored aqua orange, red bright as the mood it seems like little flashes of light traled off the main object, object disapeared after a coupled of seconds, cloudless conditions none

22MAR2013 Stephen Clarksburg, MD, United States 7:56 PM EST 4 seconds South East White, yellow and orange. Huge Full moon bright Yes one piece fell off It looked like 20 times the size of a normal shooting star. looked very close. and had a very long tail

22MAR2013 Pankowski Rockville, MD 19:54 (Eastern) 4-5 seconds West to East (facing north) White with white then green tail Same as moon Had a tail Very bright, headed in a slight downward direction

22MAR2013 Jim Towson, MD, USA 20:50:00 4 – 4 seconds Facing northeast, tarveled north to east Green with a yellow tail / no sound At least as bright as the moon None observed Beautiful!

22MAR2013 Lucas Springfield, VA 1952 Eastern 8 NNW to SSE Blue/no sound A little brighter than a full moon. No None

22MAR2013 M laRoi Mt airy, md 1950 approx 10 + sec West to east Bright white Bright like a spotlight Slight Just a bright meteor

22MAR2013 Aashima Kapoor Melville, NY USA 19:58 EST 10 sec N-S Burning blue and orange Same as the moon No Slow moving across the sky

22MAR2013 Michael Norquist Baltimore MD 19:53:00 Duration 3-4 seconds East to West Green Fire ball with long white tail Sun Large ball Caught it at the very end of the decent but I must have been within 75-100 miles of it because it was very large and clear in color and form

22MAR2013 Andy Voyer MAPLE SHADE NJ 1950 3-5 seconds in view Facing NE/ traveled N-S Long tail Green in color Brighter than moon sparkled like parts falling off and burning up. had a long tail blew my mind

22MAR2013 hank schwedes delran, nj, usa 19:55 edt 10 sec w to e white/yellow/green no sound moon no arced across sky until behind building.

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