Accidental Discovery Provides Relief From Morgellons Victims

By Danser

I have an amazing story to share with everyone. I accidentally found the only known effective treatment for Morgellons disease, an emerging pandemic that is global and man-made. The victims suffer tremendously and relentlessly.

That day, I was at a friend’s home repairing her computer. since I had not seen her in a long time, I had to ask her what all those lesions were that covered her neck, arms and legs. She told me she did not know what is was and she had been to many doctors including a dermatologist. None of the doctors were able to diagnose her; they merely gave her broad-band antibiotics and sent her home.

She told me that she had many other symptoms; “brain fog” whereby her ability to think and reason had diminished, chronic fatigue; she slept 12 to 18 hours a day and was still tired.

Her entire body “ached” like she had the flu but didn’t. Her hair and teeth seems to be under attack from some unknown pathogen.

And most importantly, she had given up all hope. Her family, friends and everyone who knew her believed the doctors when the told her she had “Delusions of Parasitosis” (DOP). You see, she complained about animals or critters coming out of her skin and biting her relentlessly 24/7 under her skin.

Being covered with horrible lesions, feeling depressed and having everyone tell her she was crazy resulted in her becoming suicidal. She told me she would kill herself in a day or two. Somehow, I made the connection to the product in my car, NutraSilver and I asked her if I could apply some to her lesions just to see what might happen. Her lesions were all red with infection and very swollen. We applied the NutraSilver to her left hand an soon forgot about it.

Two hours latter, we looked at her had with astonishment! Her redness and swelling were completely gone! Amazed, we agreed to watch the progress of the healing closely.

The next day, she told me that the lesions on her left hand had begun to heal, for the first time in years, normally. Within a week, the lesions were nearly gone, completely healed. It was then that we noticed that new lesions had forced on her lower arm, so we treated them. The same thing happened; they healed, but caused new lesions to form on her upper arm. Multi-colored fibers began to emerge; blue, white and black. Speckles began to for on her face under her eyes. Her hair began to fall out.

We began to realize that we were doing it wrong; we needed to give her the NutraSilver orally and stop treating her lesions topically because obviously we were doing nothing more that spreading them around.

We started at 20 drops, twice a day. Within hours, all of her lesions began to heal properly! We increased the dosage to 30 drops 3 times a day, then 40, 50 and 60 drops. She had no ill effects from taking NutraSilver and within the first week her depression and “brain fog” began to diminish. She soon forgot about suicide and began to plan how she would re-enter society.

By the end of the 3rd week, all of her lesions were completely healed leaving white spots where the lesions had been. Apparently, the lesions had destroyed the pigmentation under them. She carries these white marks today.

She said that she had not been able to breath through her nose for many months so we decided to try NutraSilver in her sinuses; I had her lye back on the bed with her head over the edge and put 5 drops in each nostril and had her stay there for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, she ran to the bathroom and blew her nose for about 5 minutes. She would not tell me what came out other than to say “You don’t want to know”. Immediately she experienced relief and could breathe normally once again.

We decided to look up her symptoms on the Internet and quickly found the word Morgellons.” We read everything we could find and concluded that Morgellons is the disease she had. Our reading was also very discouraging since MD’s and Dermatologist agreed that Morgellons did not exist and that anyone who suffered from Morgellons was delusional having scratched themselves to the point of creating lesions. They also stated that the fibers were nothing ore than household debris embedded by the patient.

I have known this woman for 30 years and I can attest to the fact that she is not delusional, nor did she scratch the lesions on herself. Our reading told us that the fibers would begin to burn at 1700 degrees F and were coated with some kind of polyurethane.

Well, about 7 weeks after beginning to take NutraSilver, she decided to do a ‘purge’ by increasing her dose to 150 drops 3 times a day for 3 days. She did this on her own without telling anyone what she was doing.


At the end of the second day, around midnight, I get a call from her and she is in a panic. I raced over to her house, ran up the stairs and found her in the bathtub with her clothes on, in the dark screaming hysterically. When I turned on the light, I saw the most horrific thing I have ever seen; hundreds of critters were exiting her face from her eyes, nose, around her lips, from her ears and from under her fingernails. She was in tremendous pain, confused and frightened. I did everything I could to calm her down. ‘Foreign Matter’ continued to exit in her stools and urine for several weeks.

Hours later, I went home, exhausted. She continued to purge critters for 2 days, on and off and then they abruptly ceased their exit. It was then that she began to really heal well. After 10 weeks of 30 drops, 3 times a day, she declared herself “symptom-free” and remains that way to this very day. She tells me that if she forgets to take the NutraSilver over the course of several days, she feels as though the symptoms are returning, so she quickly returns to the proper dose for her.

Today, she lives a normal life; she works, plays with her grandkids, socializes and basically went back to having a life. She was one of the fortunate people who managed to avoid suicide. She still becomes depress about life in general, but she never feels hopeless as she did before we gave her the NutraSilver. She has returned to he previous life only with a great deal of gratitude for having her life back again.

Now you have to understand that I am retired. I am also 100% disabled.

I felt a responsibility to humanity. I knew that people were suffering all over the world and that I had somehow stumbled into an effective treatment for Morgellons. You must understand that I have zero background in anything medical; I had a wonderful career as a Telecommunications Consultant in Asia and Europe. I had no desire or intention of getting involved in another career. At the same time I felt a strong responsibility to mankind to help these unfortunate victims of this devastating, unrecognized disease. So I decide to get on the Internet and find some Morgellons victims to conduct anecdotal research to see if NutraSilver was in fact a valuable treatment for Morgellons.

I knew nothing about forums of net-etiquette, but decided to join several forums to invite Morgellons patients to try NutraSilver for free. Wow, what an experience! Think about it; here I was trying to give NutraSilver away for free and immediately got labeled a “snake-oil salesman” Most forums immediately ‘banned’ me from posting, but I managed to find about 10 Morgellons victims who wanted to try NutraSilver.

I set up a protocol to follow; each person in the trial would take 30 drops 3 times a day for 3 days and then increase to 40 drops 3 times a day. In exchange for free NutraSilver, the participants agrees tojournal for 5 minutes a day, just to let me know what, if anything happened taking the NutraSilver.

Within 3 weeks or so, every participant was healed to one degree or another, depending upon the quality of their immune system and how deeply they were infected. The conclusion was unanimous; NutraSilver is very effective in reducing or eliminating most if not all of the Morgellons symptoms.

Remember, I am retired and the very lat thing in the world I wanted to do was get into the retail business of any kind with any product. I have been in consulting and marketing most of my life and had absolutely no desire to enter the retail business. So I hired a web developer, bought 2,000 bottles of NutraSilver from my friend, created a legal label for the bottles and began my new career in retail internet sales.

I had to make some financial decisions regarding how available NutraSilver would be to the average Morgellons patient, so I decided to price it low enough so that the average person could afford it and price would not become the barrier for people to heal from Morgellons. I decide that $3.50 a day was fairly reasonable. Remember, I have no experience in medical or retail or internet commerce, so I had a steep learning curve to climb. I had to learn how to ship, process order both on the web site and on the phone. I had to learn about payment gateways, credit card processing, taxes, bookkeeping and much more. I now work full time trying to get the word out about NutraSilver.

I quickly learned that there were two kinds of Morgellons victims:

• Those that took NutraSilver correctly and healed
• Those who would not take NutraSilver at all yet complained publicly on forums that it was ‘snake-oil’ and that I was a bad person trying to take advantage of hopeless Morgellons victims. These people continue to suffer needlessly.

I can not begin to tell you how many Morgellons victims call or email daily expressing their gratitude for healing from Morgellons and getting their lives back. I heard from people all over the world; old people, children, parents, and finally MD’s who were treating Morgellons patients without any success. I soon became a “gratitude junkie” completely enjoying the fruits of my labors. It is not the money which I do not need, but rather knowing that I was contributing to the elimination of needless and relentless suffering of Morgellons victims.

I do not mind sharing that I was also devastated by the personal attacks from people on the forums. I am afraid to admit that I took it personally and had many days where I cried because people thought that way about me but mostly I felt like I had failed to help more people than I did. I finally found some balance between those who criticized me without any knowledge or experience and those who took NutraSilver and healed and got their live back to normal. Perhaps I just care too much. I have been a volunteer all of my life knowing that real happiness is in the giving and the serving of others, not in obtaining wealth or prestige. I was a Boy Scout Troup master for 5 years with severely handicapped children. I have worked as a volunteer as a search and rescue pilot with the Civil Air Patrol for 5 years. I have worked in State mental hospitals with the patients providing stability and loving care. I have a long history of giving and I am very proud f it.

I spend hours every day consoling and encouraging Morgellons victims from around the world. There is a family in Australia; a husband and wife with 10 children and all of them are covered with these lesions. NutraSilver healed all of them. There is a baby born with Morgellons covered with lesions right out of the womb and cried non-stop. This baby is healed and developing normally now and the cry is normal for an infant.

I average about 2 suicide preventions a week now even though I am unqualified and untrained in this area. I simply encourage Morgellons victims to take NutraSilver and if after 2 weeks they still do not see improvement, then they can kill themselves. Every one of these people who took NutraSilver has healed and not one had committed suicide to my knowledge.