Anti-gun police chief Ray Kelly wants $720,000-a-year security team

ad_190x190By Joe Coscarelli

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who everyone knows is on his way out the door, has requested a team of six NYPD detectives to keep him and his family safe when he transitions back into civilian life. According to DNA Info, each man would make about $120,000 a year and the taxpayers would pick up the bill. (If approved, the arrangement will be reconsidered in six months.)

While Kelly cited the fact that he will remain a “high profile target,” only one person in his position has taken a city-funded detail after serving. One anonymous former commissioner sniped, “Any ex-commissioner who can afford his own security or can have someone else pay for it should not foster the cost on the public.”

Mayor Bloomberg, meanwhile, will pay for his own.

The outgoing mayor will take about seventeen members of his bodyguard team with him, DNA Info adds. They will all be allowed to retire immediately, collect their city pensions, and earn $150,000 annually from Bloomberg’s infinitely deep pockets.

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