Rand Paul: ‘Think everybody is going to be mad at me’

Just one day after his appearance on Fox News publicly endorsing Willard Romney for President, Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul appeared at CPAC Chicago (6-8-12), and was asked by JNReports on three issues;

1. His support for Willard Romney and how supporters should take the news of the endorsement.

2. Whether or Not Economic Sanctions on Iran and Syria are acts of war.

3. If he would investigate U.S. Senator John Kerry’s involvement at the Bilderberg Group Meetings in Chantilly VA back on May 31- June 3.

Before I asked him the question on Bilderberg, Senator Paul spoke with Chicago’s WLS AM radio, and sucked up to their mid morning drive host Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft; both host have repeatedly attacked Ron Paul in the months leading up to the Illinois Primary. Following his appearance, the Freshman Senator took photos and spoke with a Ron Paul delegate and asked him; “Think everybody is going to be mad at me?” Referring of course to his public endorsement on Hannity. I found it quite interesting that Rand asked that question; it shows that Rand and the “Paul INC,” are concerned with the blow back from the legion of Paul supporters and grass-root organizes detected to the cause of liberty

Will Ron be next to publicly endorsement Willard for President? Will Rand help Willard reel in votes from the liberty movement? Will the Romney campaign stab Rand and handlers like Jesse Benton in the back and leave them with the same feeling of betrayal Ron Paul supporters currently feel? Only time will tell, but coming off the Bilderberg group meetings two weeks ago, Romney will be nothing more than a puppet similar to the man currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvanian Avenue.

The Rand Paul video, is unedited and was aired Live on my Ustream Channel.

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