A Real Photo Of A Chemtrail Spray Plane Interior?

Review the photo analysis below this image, then decide for yourself if this image is actually an interior view of a chemtrail plane. Everyone wants this to be the smoking gun, but is it?

Aerial delivery system

US4172499 Dec 5, 1977 Oct 30, 1979 – Canadair Limited – Powder and water mixing and dropping system onboard an aircraft.

US7819362 Mar 1, 2007 Oct 26, 2010 Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. Enhanced aerial delivery system
US8066223 Jul 15, 2010 Nov 29, 2011 Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. Enhanced aerial delivery system
US8079551 Aug 24, 2010 Dec 20, 2011 Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. Enhanced aerial delivery system

Enhanced aerial delivery system

[0007] In one aspect of the aerial delivery system, the fluid and/or material is selected from at least one of a water, gel, powder, decontamination compound, weather modification compound, oil spill treatment compound, and a firefighting compound. In another aspect, the aerial delivery system is capable of association with an airplane, helicopter, and balloon.

This shows these aerial sprayers are not entirely designed for fire-fighting and could have other applications.

…aerial delivery system deliveries will be controllable by the pilot at any flight regime the aircraft is capable of operating in (i.e., altitude, airspeed, pressurized or unpressurized). The system’s load has the ability to be dispersed in segmented drops or at one time.

This means the pilot or commander can control the bursts at any altitude or pressure. This clearly shows that these systems can be used at any stage or altitude of flight the aircraft is capable of (Given weight and balance performance of course). (Given weight and balance and CG limits of performance of course)

Systems and methods for aerial dispersion of materials


US20050017131 – Jun 14, 2004 – Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. – Aerial delivery system

Many more pages of documents, PDF files, images, diagrams, testimony, on the links within. If the links ever go dead I have them saved on PDF.

Here are some links to other important Chemtrail info and ATS threads to get you up to date…
ATS: Chemtrails Are “Small Reflecting Particles” In The Upper Atmosphere.

US Patent 5003186 Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming (spraying with aluminum) 

Chemtrails Flights Exposed – Evergreen Aviation (A CIA Front)

Council on Foreign Relations on Planetary Geoengineering: “Add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere”

Unilateral Geoengineering Non-technical Briefing Notes for a Workshop At the Council on Foreign Relations Washington DC, May 05, 2008


This is a 250% bitmap enlargement of Fig. 1. Bitmap is a loss-less method to prevent adding artifacts to the image which JPEG will do.

* Blue arrows point to altered white tank paint. It appears other text or graphics was either previously printed on the tank where the current patent and warning text is located, and/or the pasted the text has a slightly lower resolution which can create these artifacts. Photo editing tools attempt to match different resolutions but artifacts are common.

* Purple arrows – Compare “R” letter (Rupture disk text) to the relative clarity to the letter “P” in the US patent notice.

* Patent notice and numbers and lettering is very distorted when compared to the rupture disk warning on the same tank.

* Orange arrow and nearby blue arrows point to what appears to be remnants of previous text on the tank.

* Compare the areas within the two large green squares on left and right edges of image. There is what appears to be a pressure relief valve on the left. This valve is closer to the camera than the other valve on the right, which is several yards further away. Yet the more distant valve is sharper. This is contrary to digital photography.

* Compare the light blue and dark blue boxed areas at top of image. Notice how the light blue box area has a higher resolution and shows far less pixelation than the darker blue box area. This cannot happen within the same image within one camera. Along the top of the image there is strong evidence of airbrushing the “ceiling” area.

* Large yellow box area (near top of image) shows a sudden shift to lower resolution for the distant area of the “plane.”

* Compare oval yellow area and orange circled area. Artifacts are present apparently showing slightly different image compression algorithms, which cannot occur within the same image taken by one camera.

There are other issues within this photo but we have to stop at this point.

Final comments:
1. It is absolutely unrealistic to think the CIA will display patent numbers to provide any connections to the agency for any covert operation. This patent number was clearly added to the photo of the high pressure tank to make this photo authentic. It’s clearly designed to appeal to those who can find a conspiracy in everything. In the entertainment industry, when a punch or swing is taken at another actor it never strikes the actor. Specialists called fight arrangers are responsible for fight choreography and the safety of the talent (actors.) At the exact right moment during the swing or punch, it’s up to the recipient to throw their head and body at precisely the right time. This is called “the sell” and this is what makes the fight look real. In the case of the photo above, the patent number is a part of “the sell.”

2. A rupture disk is a one-time-use pressure relief valve used in chemical processing to prevent explosions. It is also used by the vacuum industry to prevent implosions.

3. Would a government or private agency involved with chemtrail production allow any type of camera near a chemtrail plane? More than likely real chemtrail plane workers have personal lockers. At the start of their shift they would completely change out of their street clothes and put on work uniforms/badges provided by the agency they work for. All electronic devices will be left in lockers. More than likely they would have to pass through scanners on their way to the plane or hangar to insure they are not carrying any cameras or recording devices.

With this abundance of irregularities, I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves if this photo is real.

Ted Twietmeyer

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