Russian Physicist Ready to Rebuild Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower


“Tesla was right and we are ready to prove it!” So say the 2 Russian physicists who’ve simply launched an Indiegogo marketing campaign to rebuild Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower in Fall, 2014. Tesla believed that the tower might transmit energy wirelessly however this was by no means definitively confirmed in his lifetime.

If he was proper, and after intensive research the staff are satisfied he was, the mission might present an environment friendly, worldwide vitality transmission system that might distribute all of the clear vitality we will use.

That Tesla was a genius is undisputed even by his detractors, however greater than 70 years after his demise, he stays a polarizing determine.

Leonid Plekhanov and Sergey Plekhanov have spent the final 5 years finding out and modeling Tesla’s notes and patents for the tower and they’re sure the mission is viable with the usage of trendy supplies and know-how.

As their Indiegogo web page notes: “Nikola Tesla had left us a very detailed description of the design of his Magnifying Transmitter System and the physical principles of its operation. We are a group of modern-day physicists, trained in many areas related to the operation of his Worldwide Energy System. We’ve conducted a thorough scientific expertise of his works and came to the conclusion that Tesla was on the right track.”

The precept behind the present design is that we have already got an infinite supply for all of the vitality we may wish – the solar. A 100,000 sq. kilometer photo voltaic array in a pleasant, sunny desert someplace might present for all our international energy wants. The downside lies in distributing that energy, as present programs leak a lot vitality.

Tesla’s proposed community of towers had been designed to make use of the Earth’s personal inherent conductivity, transmitting vitality via the bottom and the ionosphere with little or no wastage. An in depth description of how a tower works might be discovered right here.

While Tesla’s authentic tower on Long Island weighed in at 60 tons, the prototype the Plekhanovs plan to construct will solely weigh two tons due to advances in supplies. Its Tesla coil can be about 20 meters lengthy.

The staff are hoping to increase $800,000 to construct their prototype by way of the Indiegogo marketing campaign, which finally ends up on July 25, 2014. They efficiently raised $40,000 by way of crowdfunding final 12 months for analysis and design work on the ability supply. A mission timeline and funds are offered, and within the spirit of Tesla’s magnanimity, they pledge to make their outcomes freely obtainable on-line as soon as the tower has been put into operation.