Researcher Ras Ben Shares His Studies Into Energy Frequencies and Crystals

birdmanBy JG Vibes

Tonight on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show we will be covering some of the days top headlines from around the world. Also be sure to catch tonight’s guest, Ras Ben.

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Ras Ben is an innovative educator, counselor, wellness provider, peace-keeper/mediator, sacred timekeeper, and scribe.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Ras Ben has served in the Philadelphia area for over a decade, falling in love with the city after receiving his M.A. from Temple University in African-American Studies in 1992.

Ras Ben is a self-published author and has recently released Rocks of Ages: Anu Edition. Rocks of Ages is a culturally-centered survey of the therapeutic use of crystals and sacred stones, and explores the importance of utilizing them in these prophetic times.

A family man who advocates healthy home environments for the youth, Ras Ben has been married 22 years and is the father of seven children.

Ras is a spirited man who brings a divine presence to all events he is a part of.

Ras Ben will also be appearing at this years Free Your Mind 2 Conference in Philadelphia this April.

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This conference is a three-day conference featuring top-calibre whistle-blowers from across the country who will shed light upon our world’s problems and bring forward empowering solutions.

Bob Tuskin and JG Vibes of will also be appearing at this years FYM 2 Conference.

In an interview for the release of his last book Ras Ben said that:

“Initially, I was taken hostage by the mineral nation because it was never my intention nor in my wildest imagination that I would work with crystals and sacred stones.

When my Queen and I met, we were into vegetarianism. We were vegetarian caterers working with an elder named Kibwe Bey. There was another elder in town — Washington, DC — named Jertha Love who was a spiritual leader in the community.

Jertha Love was hosting a spiritual retreat that involved a series of workshops, and the participants were fasting for the duration of the retreat. The final workshop was on crystals.

After the crystal workshop, they were going to break their fast and they asked us to do the food. So while we were there preparing the meal, they said come and sit in on the last workshop.

Now, the retreat was outside of DC out in the elements. And I have always been a woodsman and like to be in the elements. I was really taking this as an opportunity to be in the woods.

I wasn’t trying to be inside listening to someone talk. But the elders insisted. So I sat there, and it was interesting, but it didn’t really grab me. But at the end of the session, the elders’ wife, Jertha Love’s queen, had us circle up and she shared a powerful prayer -– asking that the mineral nation come into all of our lives and work with us. And about 6 months later, I caught what my Queen calls “crystal mania”.

I was dreaming about crystals, all of my money was going into crystals, and it was creating imbalance in my life. So I said, I kinda need to flip this around; so I started selling crystals as a way of making money — a little hustle to make some money so I could get the crystals that I wanted. And what I came across was that there was a great not-knowing about crystals in our community. And this was in the 80’s when the whole New Age thing, Shirley McClain and all of that was going on.

So, one day, I was vending at African Liberation Day and this brethren came up to my table and asked “What’s this got to do with Black People? What’s this got to do with I-n-I?” And you know what, I didn’t have nothing to tell him. I didn’t have anything to say. You know, I was vibing on the stones, I really liked them and had to have them, but I didn’t have anything to say. So I said “wow, I got to do some ra-search”.

So I did, and I started making little flyers “Crystals in Ancient Egypt”, “Crystals in the Bible”, “Crystals and Melanin”. And within a year, I ended up with maybe 15 flyers on crystals and different subjects as they relate to I-n-I as a people.

And one day someone came up to my table and they read all my literature and they said “You should write a book my brother.” And I said “you know what, I am.” And that was all the inspiration I needed. And I did, it was an 8-year project. I started in 1992, and the 1st edition of Rocks of Ages came forth May 5th, 2000. An expanded Anu Edition came forth October 13, 2008.”

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